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RT 700, the versatile plot windrowing from Roc

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2015 | Back

The ROC RT 700 Continuous Merger has a work width of 7 meters as for all the machines from ROC in Rimini which feature an innovative belt windrowing system. The main difference between this system and those of traditional mergers is the way the swaths are picked up. The ROC RT 700 gently lifts the product and places it on a self-cleaning belt and, as opposed to other mergers, this can be hitched to the tractor in a frontal position for operations in the field as well as the other way around. This construction solution provides numerous advantages. Other than facilitating work on small plots of land, and leaf stripping and the contamination of the produce caused by the wheels of the tractor can be avoided to substantially increase the quality of the forage.

More in general, the belt windrowing system reduces the leaf stripping effect which can be produced by traditional rotary rake machines because the ROC system guarantees light and fluffly windrows to promote fast uniform drying thanks to the way the product is gently lifted free of dirt or foreign materials. The product is loaded, deposited on the belt and discharged centrally to reduce to a minimum mechanical operations which can harm the forage or losses caused by holes or rollers. These advantages also extend to new growth. The Romagnola manufacturer reported that two or three days after mowing some types of plants such as medicinal plants begin to show new growth with the appearance of small stalks and foliage. In this case, traditional mergers can break the stalks to delay regrowth and lengthen the time for another mowing which, after the end of field operations, can reach a few weeks, especially in the case of requiring five mowings.


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