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ROC RT630 merger for sensitive products

by the editorial staff
November 2017 | Back

The RT 630 is a continuous merger built by the Rimini manufacturer ROC with two elements with variable work widths from 5 to 6.3 meters regulated by a double hydraulic rocker arm system for changing the distance between the two pickups. This system ensures great versatility thanks to the technology applied by ROC for creating different configurations according to the work required by the operator. When the pickups are one next to the other, the merger can download one belt on the right and one belt on the left, or both the belts on the right or on the left, whereas when the pickups are separated and far-between, it can download the crop between the two elements to built a single central windrow. In spite of the size of the RT 630, it can be folded for transport with the use of an efficient and quick acting device. The main difference between this merger and traditional rakes is the pick-up system used by ROC RT 630 to lift the crop to transport it on a conveyor belt, whereas traditional rakes drag the crop on the ground up to the windrow. This means the ROC machine avoids the loss of leaves to ensure high quality for the final product. A ROC technical note said, “With our system the product is loaded and gently deposited on the belt for transport for central or lateral swaths without deterioration. Moreover, our tests in the field have shown that there is an almost the total absence of a quantity of earth and pebbles inside the windrow.” Another advantage of the merger belt is the reduction of damp areas under the swath because the product is fully lifted off the ground to then get deposited on areas which have been cleaned. Furthermore, the merger is also advantageous from the financial point of view. The note said, “The RT 630 can work a double number of hours compared to traditional models.” 


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