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Roc merger, multifunctional and efficient

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2018 | Back

Roc, the Romagna manufacturer located in Camerano Poggio Torriana near Rimini is arriving to their EIMA International stand to present their RT range of continuous mergers. First of all is the RT 730 is built in two elements and equipped with an hydraulic dual scale allowing the operator to work at various distances between the double pick up system from as close as some 6 meters to opening to 7.30 meters. When the pickups are joined, the belt merger can transport the crop off one side to a conveyer right or left, our both sides. With the pickups are expanded the rake can create a central swath, on both sides or center left or center right. The RT 740 can be folded to the width of 2.5 meters for road transport with no problem. In their stand, ROC will put the RT1000 on exhibit. Among operations and strong points of these models are less stripping of hay meaning less loss of the products, the elimination of stones in the swaths, less damage to fresh crop growth, considerable reduction of humidity under the swath and the option of intensive work to create swaths separated as can be performed with the RT 730 and all the other models in the line with differing work widths to a maximum of 10 meters.


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