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Robots in the fields are not science fiction

In France, the USA and some Eastern European countries they are already at work on farms. But in Italy as well the demand for robots in agriculture is beginning to gain ground in order to increase and improve production, supplementing human labour while reducing environmental impact. The main stumbling block to dissemination still remains safety
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Quality agriculture, an appointment in Bastia Umbra

The agriculture of central Italy is the main character of Agriumbria, the exhibition that from 1968 puts on display the best of the primary sector in terms of production and technology. On display are machinery, cattle and food products of excellence. On schedule are the conference organized by the Osservatorio Agriumbria on quality meat consumption, the presentation of EIMA Show Umbria, and the proclamation of the winners of the Antonio Ricci Award
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AEF ISOBUS, a step towards the future

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation AEF staged a Test Matrix of ISOBUS protocol covering the three of the Plugfest held October 21-24 in Senlis, France for a concrete verification of the progress of these applications. Manufacturers of devices based on ISO 11783 and the guidelines laid down by AEF can connect their various devices to verify their correction functioning. Numerous activities with the participation of Italian companies and the REI, Reggio Emilia Innovation, which represents the official test institute for Italy

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