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Component manufacturers, market in decline in 2024

Mondo Macchina interviewed the president of Comacomp Fausto Mazzali on the short and medium term market prospects for the component sector. 2024 looks like a year full of challenges and uncertainties for Italian manufacturers

Flexibility and quality to cope with the emergency

On the eve of EIMA International, Mondo Macchina meets the president of Comacomp, Pier Giorgio Salvarani, to take stock of the performance of the components sector in the first ten months of the year. In 2022 the sector is expected to record a drop in turnover, penalised by high production costs and aggressive competition from China, India and Turkey

Agricultural digital, the role of Made in Italy

In the field of digital technologies applied to agriculture, Italian industry can boast true excellences, but the political system needs to help manufacturers promote the spread of these innovations, which are often pioneering

Agriculture, the future is digital

The technical agenda of AEF, the association that gathers and coordinates researchers and activities in the field of digital agriculture and Isobus systems and precision technologies, has become increasingly widespread. AEF's President, Peter Van der Vlugt, interviewed by Mondo Macchina, highlights the wide range of activities, and the need to standardize the operating systems realized by the companies working in the area, in order to optimize their use and develop the market
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Components "made in Italy", committed to quality

Mondo Macchina spoke to Pier Giorgio Salvarani, the new president of Comacomp. "The agricultural machinery industry has its historic structure in Europe and the United States, areas where the most prestigious brands are located and where technological innovation is at the forefront. Then there is an emerging structure in countries such as India, China, Turkey and Brazil, where machinery demand is growing and where a local industry is rapidly developing."
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AEF, a task force for agriculture 4.0

The complex world of ISOBUS technology, and the activities promoted by the working groups established within the AEF, told Norbert Schlingmann, general manager of this international association, working closely with CEMA and FederUnacoma
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Innovation and flexibility, components made in Italy

Comacomp President Alessandro Malavolti presents the strong points of the Italian industry in this sector. Technological quality and ongoing investments in research and innovations are the principle weapons for competing on international markets and beating back the competition of low-cost products manufactured in emerging countries
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Martina's challenge: a new model for agriculture

The minister for agricultural, food and forestry policy outlined key points in his program for the recovery of the primary sector. Efficiency in the use of financing, specific measures for new enterprises and a policy for mechanization are the points which qualify a plan intended for restoring competitiveness to agriculture, a winning image
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FederUnacoma: mechanization policy and mindset

Federation President Massimo Goldoni talks about the recent European elections and the "promise of reform" in his country. Closer contacts with the political arena at the national and European Union level and the launch of specific and well organized plans. Great attention for the Milan EXPO and focus on the contents: more technology and innovation and less "agricultural romanticism".
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Edmond Panariti: a policy for cooperation

The South East Europe EIMA event is targeted on the entire Balkan region from the starting point of Albania, a country which is not only hosting the mechanization exposition but is also focusing great attention on agriculture and the development of the primary sector named as a priority on the government's agenda. Mondo Macchina/Machinery World interviewed Edmond Panariti, the minister for agriculture for the Land of the Eagles
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The Sector of Mechanization, a european challenge

The President of Italian machinery manufacturers, Massimo Goldoni, illustrates purposes and results of the meetings held in Brussels at the end of September. Technical regulations, fight to forgery and policies for research and innovation were in the programme of FederUnacoma within the European community

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