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Agricultural machinery: the Balkan platform off to a good start

EIMA SEE scored a success with the first edition of the exposition dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment staged in Albania for the entire area of the Balkan region. More than 2,500 businesspeople visited the stands hosting the Italian manufacturers. Also featured were conferences on technical and policy issues with a focus on Italian-Albanian cooperation. The second edition is set for May next year
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Agricultural Machinery: the Balkans, a nearby market

EIMA South East Europe, the first edition of an exposition dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment specifically for the Balkans and neighboring countries, is coming up in Tirana for a run from 13 to 15 June. The new review is organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with Italian and Albanian institutions for the aim of promoting Made in Italy technologies for countries in which the mechanization gap compared to European Union standards is great but can be narrowed with the help of EU funds and Italian cooperation
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Edmond Panariti: a policy for cooperation

The South East Europe EIMA event is targeted on the entire Balkan region from the starting point of Albania, a country which is not only hosting the mechanization exposition but is also focusing great attention on agriculture and the development of the primary sector named as a priority on the government's agenda. Mondo Macchina/Machinery World interviewed Edmond Panariti, the minister for agriculture for the Land of the Eagles
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Balkan agriculture rewards machinery Made in Italy

The Balkan countries make up one of the leading markets for Italian agricultural machinery manufacturers as shown by 2013 exports valued at more than 247 million euro, a marginal decline under the 2011-2012 figures but still in line with...
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Cooperation: Italy, Albania in Joint Equipment Event

A farm equipment fair is to be organised in mid-June at the Albanian capital of Tirana to help Italy's Balkan neighbour start bridging a technological gap in the agricultural sector. The event is expected to produce significant developments, as FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni underscored the role of Italian manufacturers and the importance of the institutions involved

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