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Component manufacturers, market in decline in 2024

Mondo Macchina interviewed the president of Comacomp Fausto Mazzali on the short and medium term market prospects for the component sector. 2024 looks like a year full of challenges and uncertainties for Italian manufacturers
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Components, lights and shadows of 2023

The sector, which has a countercyclical vocation, has been growing for five years but could slow down in 2023. For the last months of the year manufacturers expect a drop in orders and revenues, due to tensions in the commodity market and the monetary tightening. The weight of the geopolitical variable

Flexibility and quality to cope with the emergency

On the eve of EIMA International, Mondo Macchina meets the president of Comacomp, Pier Giorgio Salvarani, to take stock of the performance of the components sector in the first ten months of the year. In 2022 the sector is expected to record a drop in turnover, penalised by high production costs and aggressive competition from China, India and Turkey
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Components, a growing market

Estimates from the Italian manufacturers' association indicate turnover increases of more than 20% for 70% of manufacturers in 2021. Positive indicators also for the first half of 2022, and good future prospects due to electronic technologies, which are becoming increasingly important in the sector and are pushing agricultural mechanics towards the digital transition

Autonomous robots, the components role

The development of autonomous mechanical vehicles has been made possible by the many profound innovations that the components industry has known over the last 30 years. These are the parts that, as in the case of AI, sensors and 4K cameras, form the mind and sensory apparatus of agricultural robots
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The agricultural machinery market and its "variables"

EIMA 2021 was the setting for the Club of Bologna session dedicated to the analysis of the factors that can influence the global agricultural machinery market. The elements that were analysed included the emergence of the Coronavirus, the impact of mechanisation on employment in agriculture in the various areas of the world, and the trend of strategic segments such as components

Club of Bologna, focus on spare parts and components

During the 30th Meeting of Club of Bologna, which took place in the frame of EIMA International, the deputy general manager of FederUnacoma, Fabio Ricci, presented the characteristics of the spare parts sector which in Italy - fourth European market – has a turnover of 670 million euros
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EIMA International, components in the spotlight

The Bologna exhibition opens an important window on the components industry, an increasingly dynamic and strategic sector in the field of mechanics for agriculture and landscaping. 657 manufacturers will be in Bologna, 178 of them foreign

Components, a sector in the spotlight

The first quarter of the year shows a clear increase in turnover for manufacturers of components for agricultural machinery and equipment. The domestic market and exports are doing well. According to Comacomp, the positive trend should continue in the coming months thanks to a high number of orders. The October rendezvous with EIMA International is a great opportunity to give further impetus to companies in the sector. To date, 520 exhibitors have been confirmed for the components exhibition alone
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Components, a key sector for agricultural mechanization

Despite having the characteristics of an anti-cyclical sector, the Italian components sector was also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Comacomp estimates, in 2020, production's value should fall by 4.6% in 2019. The losses are mainly concentrated in the first half of the year, while signs of recovery can be seen in the third quarter

AMA: latest generation safety components

The AMA exhibition area at the Paris International Agribusiness Show, Sima, will feature up front the manufacturer's latest generation mechanical components developed by AMA technicians for the purpose of not only enhancing performance but, above all, for the safety of machinery equipped with these components

Components, an excellence of EIMA 2016

The salon dedicated to components will be held in the setting of the agricultural machinery and equipment exposition. Some 890 specialized industries arriving from more than 37 countries will be taking part in four pavilions allocated for the salon in the sector confirmed as the most complete and prestigious at the global level

Reggio Emilia, components up front

The ability to rethink the world as increasingly globalized has enabled the industries in the Reggio Emilia district to remain competitive in Italy and on international markets. The weight of suppliers and subsuppliers has grown thanks to designing hi-tech systems and devices

AMA: highly specialized in components

From PTO cardan drive shafts to innovative spare parts for analogue and digital instruments, AMA in San Martino in Rio, near Reggio Emilia, a manufacturer specializing in components for agricultural machinery, will take part in the SIMA show in Paris...
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Components: domestic market recovering

Estimates made public by the Comacomp manufacturers are pointing to an increase in sales abroad and in Italy in the first quarter of the year. Production in 2013 reached a value of 1.7 billion euro with more than 80% of these sales accounted for by exports. President Malavolti affirmed that Italian products are warmly welcomed by foreign industries and underscored the great expectations for the components salon coming up in November in Bologna in the EIMA International setting

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