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EIMA International, components in the spotlight

The Bologna exhibition opens an important window on the components industry, an increasingly dynamic and strategic sector in the field of mechanics for agriculture and landscaping. 657 manufacturers will be in Bologna, 178 of them foreign

by the editorial staff
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The components market ended the first half of the year with record business growth. These are the findings of a quick survey conducted by Comacomp (the association that, within FederUnacoma, represents manufacturers of components for agricultural and gardening machinery) among its member companies.

According to the surveys conducted by Comacomp, almost all the companies surveyed (94%) recorded increases in turnover of more than 3% between January and June; for most of the sample (67%), these increases were even greater than 20%. The figure for the first half of 2021 partly makes up for the drop recorded in the same period last year, mainly due to closures caused by the health emergency, but it also reflects the great vitality of a market segment that in recent years has become increasingly central to the agricultural machinery and gardening sectors. According to the association's forecasts, the second half of the year should see a further increase in the production of components and related turnover estimated at 3.5 billion euros, i.e. 25.4% more than in 2020 (2.7 billion euros).

The trend line for the coming months therefore seems very positive, even if there are uncertain factors that could lead to a slowdown in the coming months. The tensions on prices of raw materials - Comacomp warns - as well as the difficulties in supplies, caused by the ongoing health emergency and by the issue related to the freight of containers on sea routes, risk slowing down the production processes. These critical elements are recorded by the association's quick survey. For the second half of the year, the forecasts of the surveyed companies tend to become less optimistic. Even in a situation of growth, the share of those expecting increases in turnover of more than 20% is smaller (from 67% at the beginning of the year to 33%), while the percentage of companies expecting increases between 3% and 20% increases (form 27% to 52%).

The EIMA components exhibition. Beyond the economic phases, the findings of the Comacomp quick survey confirm the strategic role that components have taken on in the agricultural machinery and gardening technology market. It has become one of the driving sectors, thanks to the breadth of the ranges and the "cross-sectional" nature of the product lines, many of which are designed to equip a vast range of machines (from nozzles to monitors, from hydraulic pumps to sensors). But the strategic role of components is also due to the ability of manufacturers to study, design and implement highly innovative solutions that combine mechanics, electronics and IT.

This ability is all the more decisive today as the evolution of the agricultural system is proceeding with ever-increasing speed in the direction of increasing digitalisation of cultivation techniques and practices. The 44th edition of EIMA International dedicates a specific space to this important segment of agricultural mechanics - the EIMA Components exhibition, where 657 specialized manufacturers, 178 foreign ones, present their new product ranges to a select audience of buyers and foreign operators, but also to the general public of enthusiasts. From transmissions to engines, from electronic control units to on-board computers, from axles to the smallest mechanical gears, there are more than 350 product items on show, with a variety of ranges designed to meet all the needs of all types of agriculture.

In addition to the manufacturers exhibiting in EIMA Components there are also those in EIMA Digital which offers an overview of the latest generation of solutions for satellite guidance, GPS, on-board computers, ISOBUS devices, sensors, specific software and drones. As well as being a showcase for the most innovative solutions, the spaces dedicated to components are also an opportunity for spreading the word and keeping up to date professionally thanks to a rich calendar of conferences and specific seminars that touch on all the main topical themes of a market segment that is experiencing extraordinary growth in recent years.

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