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Components, an excellence of EIMA 2016

The salon dedicated to components will be held in the setting of the agricultural machinery and equipment exposition. Some 890 specialized industries arriving from more than 37 countries will be taking part in four pavilions allocated for the salon in the sector confirmed as the most complete and prestigious at the global level

by the editorial staff
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The EIMA International agricultural machinery exposition, scheduled for November 9 to 13 in the Bologna Trade Fair Center, will be the venue for the EIMA Components Salon specialized in components, accessories and spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment. The salon, the world’s most far-reaching and comprehensive in the sector, will count on the participation of 890 exhibiting manufacturers showcasing an enormous array of products and technological solutions. Their mechanical ranges extend from tires and ergonomic accessories to computer processing units in their thousands in offered in the EIMA Components frame. Visitors to the review will include representatives from original equipment manufacturers, OEMs, business people in spare parts and accessories and individual farmers and contractors with interest in technological solutions capable of boosting machinery performance and power and improve ergonomics, all of whom can make comparisons of the features of the products turned out by specialized industries in all parts of the world. Pavilions 15, 18 II, 18 III and 20 providing a 35,000 m² exhibition area will bring together companies from 37 countries with the strongest representations from Germany, Spain, Turkey, China and especially Italy, vaunting a par excellence components sector. Components, moreover, have become one of the principle drivers of agricultural machinery innovations with capabilities for improvement of  machinery performance, ensuring durability countering wear, for lowering maintenance, applying scientific control of all phases of operations and the safety of the operator.

FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation organizing EIMA International, has affirmed that a visit to the components salon means gaining a very real perception of the dynamics and ingenious approach moving forward to the future.


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