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AMA: latest generation safety components

The AMA exhibition area at the Paris International Agribusiness Show, Sima, will feature up front the manufacturer's latest generation mechanical components developed by AMA technicians for the purpose of not only enhancing performance but, above all, for the safety of machinery equipped with these components

by Fabrizio Sereni
January - February 2017 | Back

The components manufacturer AMA in San Martino in Rio in the Reggio Emilia Province is arriving in Paris for the Sima exhibition with a host of new products. Following is a list of components in the major ranges making their debuts at the Agribusiness Show.


Category 2 U-Joint drive shafts

The wide angle PTO joints of these shafts make it possible to reach an angle close to 80° even inthe case of reduced bulk. The joint is built with special thermal treated steel to guarantee maximum resistance to stress. Aside from the standard version which connects the pushpin fork 1 3/8 Z6 on the  implement side, AMA can provide a new shaft with two U-Joints.


U-Joint drive shafts Flex Cover

Flexible tubular plastic covers and are available for categories 1 and 4 shafts which can be installed directly on the component to cover the joint as well as the PTO to ensure maximum safety. AMA said in a communique that this solution can be used when it is not possible to add cone protective devices. The flex cover can also be added to angle gear U-joint shafts on machinery with lateral joints allowing them to close when not at work.


MTU, Mulching Tillages Unit

The unit is a kit designed for direct operations also on untreated soil. The MTU includes supports for compost, plowshares and Monster Sharp, a special disc with a sharpened profile for the penetration of all types of soil, also with residues, for creating a V furrow. The basic function of the MTU kit is comparable to soil breakers with mechanical operation, mixing the soil and breaking up superficial crust. MTU can be coupled with a distribution system and used as a seeder for high speed direct seeding at more than 15 km/h, the separation of seeds from fertilizer and the uniform distribution of seeds.  Finally, when combined with a distribution system, the kit becomes a perfect machine for burying fertilizer, guaranteeing uniform distribution and reduced exhaust emission. 


CL 5000 XL steering column group

 The telescopic column of this group is designed for regulating the 100 mm height and inclination of 30° in the direction of the driver and 5° in the opposite direction. Inside the group is the die cast aluminum column complete with adjustable guide column column for power steering and wiring attack. The column is coated ABS plastic or soft touch and color can be customized according to customer requirements. The customer manages the group by using an ergonomic control lever. This steering column group is also available in the CL 5000 KeyCAN version with a modular keyboard which can be customized.


CL4000 steering column

This component is especially versatile and functional thanks to the new injection molded plastic cover and because it is set up for digital instruments CANbus, accommodations for ignition switch, for 1 pneutron rocker switch units, for swf-valeo dual stalk switch (lh/rh) and options for wiring harness (standard or customized) and steering wheel. Moreover, the CL4000 is equipped with an upper pivot at mid-column length operated by a dedicated push button and a lower pivot at column base 5° toward the windshield and 20°  toward the driver with a dedicated foot pedal. Both tilt adjustments are gas strut assisted.


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