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Freemow, cutting-edge technology for the Ama lawnmower

by Giacomo Di Paola
March - April 2023 | Back

The latest innovation from the company based in San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) is a range of robot lawnmowers. Freemow - this is the name of the robot - has been created by the Ama Group's gardening division, focusing not only on the functionality of the vehicle but also on its design, for which the Emilia-based group offers a decidedly attractive look. From a technological point of view, Ama's latest robot is popular both for its intelligent navigation device, which is particularly sensitive and effective, and for its shock-absorbing sensor system, which is very precise while operating. Freemow also offers high-tech solutions in terms of connectivity and smart functions, while the power supply system with high-performance lithium battery significantly reduces the noise level of the vehicle (the robot can also work at night) and completely eliminates polluting emissions. Another winning feature of this model is its ease of use. The Freemow range - reads a technical note released by Ama - can be used by less experienced operators. It is simple to programme thanks to a dedicated application that, among other things, allows the machine to be connected to home automation. Ama's robot lawnmower is offered in two different versions. The "M" Series models are designed to work on small to medium-sized gardens, while the "L" Series models are designed to operate on larger areas, measuring up to 2,000 square metres.


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