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Lawnmower robots, innovations from Stiga

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February 2024 | Back

Optimised efficiency, design, lawn cutting quality and customisation. These are the strong points of Stiga's range of robot lawnmowers, which has recently been implemented with new operating functions, expressly designed to offer top-level performance and cutting quality. The models offered by the Swedish manufacturer see the debut of Custom Cutting Angle technology, allowing the angle of the parallel cutting lines to be changed (from +90° and -90° in 0.1 degree increments). After selecting the desired cutting pattern, the angle of the parallel cutting lines can be modified. Another debut is the Temporary No-Cutting Zones system, thanks to which certain sections of the garden can be temporarily excluded from the cutting area. "To set this function," reads a Stiga technical note, "simply connect two points on the virtual perimeter, creating a dividing line. With the Stay Away setting, on the other hand, it is possible to temporarily exclude from the cutting area the area surrounding the operator, defined by the GNSS position of his mobile device or by selecting the 'buffer distance' from the desired point on the map of his garden via the Stiga.GO App, as well as the time frame. Another innovation made by the Scandinavian manufacturer is Obstacle Notification.

The manufacturer itself explains how it works. "If robotically the lawnmower repeatedly suffers bumps while it is working, once it has returned to the charging base," the Stiga note also reads, "it will notify the user of the presence of a hypothetical obstacle.

The operator can then display the approximate position of the obstacle on the map and mark out the obstacle with a circular 'No-Cutting Zone' around it". Finally, the Closed Area Mowing function allows the robot to operate independently within closed areas.

Once the intended cutting area has been completed, the mower automatically stops, to be repositioned on the charging base, or in another area of the garden. Another plus of the new Stiga mowers is the possibility for the user to follow the work in real time.

When the Push Notifications function is activated, the machine sends push notifications through the Stiga.GO App, so in case of a robot malfunction or interruption after cutting in an enclosed area, the operator can intervene remotely or on site.


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