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AMA innovations under the banner of comfort

by Emanuele Bredice
October - November 2022 | Back

To the general public at EIMA 2022, AMA offers many new products specifically designed to ensure operator comfort in the cab. It starts with the new modular steering column that offers a wide range of settings. The steering modules - explains the Emilia-based manufacturer (based in San Martino in Rio, Reggio Emilia) in a technical note - are easily adjustable, such as the display (activated with a dedicated button) that can be conveniently moved from right to left (with respect to the steering wheel) and tilted thanks to the upper lever located in the middle of the central column. Depending on requirements, the control module can be adjusted up or down, while a telescopic adjustment system facilitates steering wheel setting operations. At the base of the column a lever allows the upper part of the turret to be tilted by 5 degrees towards the windscreen and 20 degrees towards the operator. The product innovations presented by the Emilia-based company continue with the system that collects tractor and implement data in real time, and which consists of a vehicle kit and an implement kit. The former includes a 7-inch touch display with modem, RAM and cabling with integrated GPS, while the latter comes with the SmartEcu electronic control unit and cabling. The system transmits information to the XFARM platform, allowing the operator to view it remotely. Also on display on the AMA stand, the MCD multifunctional dashboard, which stands out for its versatility, as it can be integrated into control panels, steering units and dashboards. Each of the four buttons on the dashboard is equipped with three RGB LEDs, adjustable in intensity and colour. The instrument can be installed vertically and horizontally, and the icons in the centre of each button can be removed and customised using a laser printing process. The dashboard can be equipped with three products from the Instruments range: the CANBUS KeyCAN keyboard, the SMARTVIEW multifunctional instrument and the new CANBUS LEDview LED indicator module. The new Teknico G seat completes the AMA offering. The seat is designed for both agricultural and construction machinery, and is designed to give the operator maximum comfort thanks to its ergonomic backrest and high quality upholstery materials. The seat can be customised with various options such as lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and a thermostat for the seat cushion. Finally, the seat can be combined with the mechanical and pneumatic suspensions available on the market to keep vibrations under control.



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