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AMA, avant garde solutions for crop

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

New important manufacturing solutions have been arriving in the sector of components. These products are provided by AMA in San Martino in Rio near Reggio Emilia preparing for the presentations of new ranges at the upcoming Bologna exposition. First up is an innovative breaker plow ancora which can be installed for seed and fertilizer distribution. The solution created by the manufacturer carries the advantage of fertilization work without allowing the product to come into contact with crop residues in the soil or the surrounding atmosphere. There are not available on the market organic/bacteria products which lose the effects if they are subjected to sunlight. The AMA ancora lifts a flap of of soil and deposits it on the fertilizer to create a sealed chamber to isolate the products from the surrounding atmosphere. In a technical communique AMA reported, “This technology has many strong points, starting with improved soil structure and increasing the mineralization of the organic contents. Moreover there are nutritional components which immediately develop the the plants in the phase of crop growth. This procedure works to avoid investations.” Another new product brought out by AMA is a counter cuff cylinder for the PTO and and a counter cuff for the PTO designed and produced by Seat Plastic, a company in the group, which slides on the cardan shaft to facilitate lubrication. The force of the cuff on the cardan is covered by an extension in plastic which can easily be loosened from the housing to slide along the cardan to detect the lubrication parts. Once the operation is completed, the extension returns in position and is fixed with a simple rotation and a closing click. 


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