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FAO's commitment to global and sustainable agro-mechanics activities

A document with 15 key actions to be implemented as soon as possible marked the conclusion of the First Global Conference on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanisation, promoted by FAO and held at the end of September in Rome. Qu Dongyu, the body's director-general, said: "We need science-based solutions and innovations, and we need concrete actions"
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The agriculture to come: FAO trends for the 2023-2032 decade

Global agricultural production is estimated to grow by 1.1% over the next years. According to FAO and OECD, this increase will not compensate for the growth in demand (+1.3% by 2032). Productivity, innovation and decarbonisation the key factors for ensuring food security

EIMA Idrotech, the sustainable use of water resources

About 250 exhibiting industries have confirmed their presence at the Idrotech Show, one of the specialised areas of EIMA International (Bologna 19-23 October). The most advanced technologies for the use of water in agriculture will be on display at the exhibition. Conferences and seminars on water emergencies also in relation to climate change are also scheduled
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Agriculture in Africa: the Nairobi event

During a meeting organized by FAO, the speakers pointed out that the use of mechanical means, applied to the specific local characteristics of the land, and environmentally and economically sustainable, can reduce poverty and ensure food security, encouraging a necessary generational change

Fao and Cema united for mechanization in developing countries

The two organizations signed a protocol of understanding in Rome on October 2nd to provide incentives for agricultural mechanization in developing countries to be sustainable as regards economic, social and environmental considerations. The protocol is also aimed at the improvement of production practices

The Logistics for the management of biomass. Three EU projects

A conference at the FAO on the topic of "Mobilization of woody biomass for energy and industrial use" offered an update on the technologies and projects for energy uses of crop residues and dedicated plantations. The progress of the key projects in Europe was presented
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Mechanization and training in agriculture: a great project for Africa

An Italian-African bilateral convention was sealed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome for the launch of a Segment Agriculture initiative committing FederUnacoma and the CIHEAM of Bari as principal partners of Sub-Saharan governments. For African countries Italy prefigures as a model of qualitative agriculture on the prototype of family farming but a model equipped with basic mechanical technologies

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