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EIMA Idrotech, the sustainable use of water resources

About 250 exhibiting industries have confirmed their presence at the Idrotech Show, one of the specialised areas of EIMA International (Bologna 19-23 October). The most advanced technologies for the use of water in agriculture will be on display at the exhibition. Conferences and seminars on water emergencies also in relation to climate change are also scheduled

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The sustainable use of water resources is one of the central themes of EIMA International, the great exhibition of agricultural machinery to be held in Bologna from 19 to 23 October.
The Bologna event reserves a large space for irrigation and water management technologies, the EIMA Idrotech Exhibition which, covering over 10 thousand square metres of exhibition area, confirms the success achieved for its debut at EIMA 2018.

To date, more than 250 exhibiting industries, of which about 100 are foreign, have already confirmed their participation but - according to FederUnacoma, direct organiser of the Bologna event - their number could still increase in view of the strategic importance that the theme of water has taken on in recent years and hence the growing demand for more advanced technologies.

Climate change is depleting the planet's water resources, as the reduction in rainfall and the increasing irregularity in their distribution make it impossible to balance consumption and replenish reserves. According to a recent FAO report, these reserves have shrunk by 20% in 20 years, bringing to 1.2 billion the number of people living in areas with a high water deficit.

The emergency also concerns Europe, in particular the Mediterranean basin which - warns the European Environment Agency - is increasingly affected by desertification. In a scenario characterised by a growing demand for foodstuffs, agriculture must necessarily increase production yields without worsening the water deficit, and the answer lies in the use of advanced technological solutions.

Pumping and filtering systems, water delivery systems from "sprinklers" to hose reel wagons, from rain wings to fertirrigation equipment, and all the specific components including the most advanced control units and devices, are the wide range of products that EIMA Idrotech can showcase, and which it can also describe thanks to a programme of conventions and technical seminars involving universities and institutions and taking place at the exhibition.

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