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InPulse, an intelligent sensor network

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2018 | Back

AMA, based, in San Martino in Rio near Reggio Emilia, takes great pride in the InPulse system, a modular solution devised, designed and development for 4.0 agriculture thanks to consolidated experience in the sector of components and equipment for agriculture. InPulse presented at the EIMA Show, provides an approach strategy for precision farming: performance, innovative, integrated and flexible. The network won a Technical Innovation prize at the EIMA International 2016 edition not only for the product, series of applications and service but also as the genuine and proper manifestation of integration. InPulse collects and elaborates a huge quantity of data in the field, from agricultural machinery and implements and production structures to control then conduct remote of the elaboration of this data and management for the farmer through precious advice on agronomics and technical information. A report issued by the Reggio Emilia firm says, “The application of InPulse technology begins with the requirement of the farming enterprise to take care of the shortage of information available and allow the farmer to create a system for the enormous lack of data gathered and is often not adequate for evaluation. The remote management of information on location, use and anomalies and performance of self-propelled machinery and implements make it possible to optimize this performance as well as handle safety of old machinery inventories running the risk of breakdown, machinery blocking, damage, theft or accidents”. The sensor components on the machines with InVehicles are integrated with the InField side in the field which is a weather-agro CPU which monitors soil humidity, temperature, efficient photosynthesis, rain wetting leafs and the direction and velocity of the wind. The circle is closed with the InFarm which is a component of InPulse which measures, controls and analyzes the parameters of the environment of production structures including stalls, hay lofts. cellars, cheese and oil facilities.


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