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The active management of italian forests

As part of the EIMA Energy bioenergy exhibition, in-depth meetings were held on the productive and eco-sustainable management of forests. The spotlight was on a Italian Ministry of Agriculture project within the framework of the Development and Cohesion Fund

EIMA Energy: biomass and ecological transition

A workshop on the H2020 project 'BRANCHES', which enhances good practices in this bioenergy sector, was held as part of the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery in Bologna

"Energy", the bioenergy Show

The 2022 edition of the EIMA exhibition dedicated to biomass and the bio-economy concern the many topics that converge from the agro-forestry and agro-industrial sector into the vast sphere of ecological transition. A calendar full of initiatives punctuate the days of the Bologna event

EIMA ENERGY, planned initiatives

Focusing in particular on agricultural and forestry biomass - which is a very important resource that can meet a significant part of Italy's energy needs, if properly used - the exhibition offers a complete overview of both the bioenergy chain...

Energy, the exhibition dedicated to biomasses

Renewable energies and the circular bio-economy will be in the foreground at the Bologna exhibition centre with the "Energy" show, an open-air demonstration area between halls 35 and 37, where visitors can see machines for processing and treating biomass in action. During the five days of the exhibition, there will also be space for in-depth thematic studies with meetings promoted by the organising partner ITABIA

Biomass, a strong point for the circular economy

The residues left after agricultural and agro-industries operations work are sources for generating energy and these prospects are becoming more important. The development of this supply chain requires efficient and integrated mechanization as is emerging in the technologies exhibited in the EIMA Energy Salon and through the program of public meetings to enliven the spirit of the five days of the Bologna exposition

Salon Energy: mechanical means for bioenergy

A salon dedicated to technologies for the management of biomass for energy purposes will run for EIMA International. High profiles will be given to new technologies, new generation models and demonstration trials along with conferences and training seminars. The partner organization, the Italian Biomass Association, ITABIA, has recalled that the European Union is aiming to extend renewable energy sources to account for 32% of electric, heating and transport consumption by 2030

Energy Salon, under the aegis of bioeconomy

The 2016 edition of EIMA not only provided an exposition of technologies, but also a rich program of both informational and divulgative initiatives, which partly involved young students. The framework in which are placed the activities linked with energy from agricultural sources is that of bioeconomy, with agriculture as its main character

EIMA Energy, successful experiences in the bioenergy sector

EIMA Energy, the salon dedicated to the technologies for the use of agricultural biomass for energy and industrial purposes, offers a rich programme of conferences and workshops to inform the audience and professionals on the latest scientific discoveries and the best practices in the specific sector of renewable sources

Bioenergy: meeting in Bologna on the way to Paris

Renewable energy sources and bioenergy in particular will return as current issues in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris taking up the reduction of emissions. Itabia and FederUnacoma used the occasion of EIMA International to pursue a debate and open comparisons of planning instruments on these issues of renewable energy sources and the prospects of exporting to countries abroad the models for the development of the sector planned and fine turned in Italy

Bioenergy: policy agenda in Italy and in Europe

Europe is looking to the 2030 consolidation of the idea of a future economy increasingly attentive to environmental questions. The new objectives set by the European Council for the use of FER, energy efficiency and climate-altering gas emissions mark a further but slight acceleration towards a green economy. The worlds of research and industry are intensifying the dialogue for a change of pace for opening new horizons in the field of the bioeconomy. These are issues which will be given thorough treatment on the occasion of EIMA Energy

EIMA Energy: technologies and policies for agricultural biomass

The review focused on the use of vegetable raw materials for the generation of energy, organized as a part of EIMA International in Bologna, takes on special importance in light of the national plan for the bioenergy sector launched in August by the Italian government. Exhibitions, demonstration trials and conferences for promoting the production chains in the sector and developing cooperation with other countries

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