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Sustainable agriculture, the successes of the Branches project

The Final Conference of the BRANCHES Project, hosted at FAO headquarters in Rome, presented the results of the European project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme to facilitate the development of the bioeconomy. BRANCHES as a multiplier of good practices

BRANCHES survey: energy independence linked to bioenergy

Even if energy costs returned close to pre-crisis levels, the economic shock was very severe and highlighted the role of the bioeconomy in supporting energy independence, local resources and communities with respect to this emergency. All this emerges clearly from a survey conducted for the BRANCHES project

The green economy in times of crisis

In order to cope with climate change, health emergencies and geopolitical instability, Europe has long relied on strategies aimed at sustainability. The BRANCHES project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme has collected a large number of virtuous examples of circular bio-economy in agriculture. These models show a remarkable capacity to withstand the adversities of our times and bode well for the future

EIMA Energy: biomass and ecological transition

A workshop on the H2020 project 'BRANCHES', which enhances good practices in this bioenergy sector, was held as part of the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery in Bologna

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