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The green economy in times of crisis

In order to cope with climate change, health emergencies and geopolitical instability, Europe has long relied on strategies aimed at sustainability. The BRANCHES project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme has collected a large number of virtuous examples of circular bio-economy in agriculture. These models show a remarkable capacity to withstand the adversities of our times and bode well for the future

Circular economy for the Mediterranean islands

During a second meeting, held in Capraia, an island of the National Park of the Tuscan Arcipelago, the focus was on the developments occurred over the last year, since the start of the project. From the enthusiasm of a consistent group of experts in environmental issues, arose the conditions for reducing the use of fossil fuels, exploiting local resources and promoting a responsible entrepreneurship. The model of development thought for the island captured the interest of big foreign companies, that have established the first agreements – profitable in an economic and environmental perspective – with local companies

Sustainability and bioenergy, highlighted in Bari

Italy's National Energy Strategy (NES) recognizes that renewable energy sources and bioenergy are the most important elements for meeting energy demand, while respecting climate and the environment. The NES was defined through a wide consultation which involved the relevant institutional bodies, businesses, experts and citizens. The Agrilevante exhibition will give an opportunity for a debate on topics concerning the environment and the energy sphere, so as to involve the primary sector in a process of gradual decarbonization

Sustainable agriculture, in the foreground

Eco-compatible mechanization was one of the major topics at EIMA International 2016, debate in various initiatives, took place during the exhibition. Among these, there was the conference entitled "Agriculture and sustainability. Innovation, more responsible management of resources and new behaviours". Promoted by LifeGate and Trattori magazine, the meeting took stock of the sustainability evaluation criteria in the use of mechanical means

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