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Salon Energy: mechanical means for bioenergy

A salon dedicated to technologies for the management of biomass for energy purposes will run for EIMA International. High profiles will be given to new technologies, new generation models and demonstration trials along with conferences and training seminars. The partner organization, the Italian Biomass Association, ITABIA, has recalled that the European Union is aiming to extend renewable energy sources to account for 32% of electric, heating and transport consumption by 2030

by the editorial staff
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The EIMA Energy review moves into its seventh edition as a significant event within the EIMA International agricultural machinery exposition.

The Energy salon was created for the purpose of disseminating the potential of bioenergy for the environment and economy and has evolved over the years to bring in agro-energy, the bio-economy and the issues related to the circular economy in agriculture.

In the setting of the EIMA exposition the issues taken up are those associated with environmental sustainability and the prospects of machinery technologies suitable for the management of the bioenergy supply chain.

Applying this ample vision, the EIMA Energy Salon will set up an exhibition of woody forestry machinery, trailers, cranes, chippers, transport systems, plants for generational biomass and all the other technologies for the supply chain as well as trial demonstrations held on an area of the trade fair outside the pavilions plus a full program of technical and financial information initiatives for professional personnel and the general public.

The Italian Biomass Association, ITABIA, which represents the agencies and business people in the bioenergy sector and is the FederUnacoma partner for the organization of the EIMA Energy Salon which, over the past editions, has attracted increasing interest in the problems arising as a result of climate change and activities to mitigate it.

These include the development of renewable energy sources and the possibility of taking part in the European Union objective to achieve the use of these resources for 32% of electricity, heating and transport by 2030.

ITABIA underscored that biomass resources play a role of special importance because this source is closely associated with the land physically and socially and that for pursuing the objectives named what is needed is adequate governmental policies and correct information delivered by the mass media.

In dealing with biomass, EIMA Energy will delve into the matter of land maintenance for preventing such disastrous risks as fires, flooding, landslides., etc. while gathering biomass as the primary materials to use for generating energy.

The organizers explained that the 2018 edition will make room for mechanizing biomass residues and raising its value through pruning operations of olive stands, vineyards and fruit orchards and also present the results of various projects financed by EU funds ITABIA has taken part in in Italy and numerous EU Member States.


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