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EIMA International, the 46th edition presented in streaming from Bologna

The great agricultural mechanics event aims to confirm the success of 2022. Among the innovations planned by the organizers of FederUnacoma is the REAL area specifically dedicated to robotic technologies and a contest reserved for social communication. Already rich the programme of conferences and thematic events

by the editorial staff
January 2024 | Back

The march towards the 46th edition of EIMA International, the world exhibition of machinery, equipment and components for agriculture and greenery, which will be held at the Bologna Fair from 6 to 10 November, started symbolically on 18 January with an international press conference in streaming, broadcast from the premises of the Bologna exhibition centre. The conference, the first official presentation of EIMA 2024, was attended by Mariateresa Maschio and Simona Rapastella, respectively president and general manager of FederUnacoma, the association of agricultural machinery manufacturers that is the direct organizer of the event. “EIMA International is a hugely important event from a promotional and commercial point of view – Mariateresa Maschio said at the opening conference – it is the exhibition that manufacturers around the world choose to present their range and all the new products.” “Every country is confronted with the need to meet a growing demand for food products – and at the same time with the urgency of reducing the use of fertilisers and pesticides, drastically reducing water consumption, preserving biodiversity, improving the quality of life of rural communities, and all this is possible only through modern agricultural mechanisation.” With more than 50,000 models on display and a wide range that has no equal in the international panorama of trade fairs, the Bologna exhibition has always been able to meet the specific needs of different models of agriculture. But EIMA International is more than a formidable marketing machine, it is the place where we understand how agricultural mechanisation is a sector of vital importance for agriculture and the environment, a sector of excellence in mechanics and applied electronics, a strategic element for the destinies of our Planet. The 46th edition of the exhibition – explained Simona Rapastella at the press conference – already has the character of a major event, thanks to its ability to innovate the exhibition offer, while consolidating its traditional strengths, starting from the rigorous division of the exhibition into 14 product sectors. Five of these - underlined the general manager of FederUnacoma - are organised in the form of thematic exhibitions, dedicated respectively to components (EIMA Componenti), gardening (EIMA Green), bioenergy (EIMA Energy), irrigation (EIMA Idrotech) and robotic and digital technologies (EIMA Digital). “But the EIMA show will also be staged with the Exhibition of Award-winning Technical Innovations, and with the dynamic areas placed outdoors, always within the perimeter of the exhibition centre. One of the absolute novelties of EIMA 2024 – Rapastella said – is the REAL (Robotics and electronics for live agriculture) area that will see the most advanced robotic technologies with a daily test calendar.” On the other hand, the arena for the finalist tractor parade of the Tractor of the Year, the demonstration area for bioenergy supply chains created in collaboration with ITABIA, and the Garden E-Motion, dedicated to gardening and greenery machinery, which made its debut two years ago, are confirmed. “To launch EIMA 2024 we have already scheduled press conferences in Great Britain, Qatar, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Brazil, Serbia, Algeria, India, Canada, USA, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Argentina, Japan and other countries – added Rapastella – confirming the international scope that characterises this exhibition, which in the last edition counted 480 foreign manufacturers and 57 thousand foreign visitors from 150 countries, and which boasts an entire structure of the exhibition centre dedicated to foreign economic operators, selected by the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) to carry out the many business-to-business meetings scheduled for the days of the exhibition.” The programme of conventions, workshops and conferences that will take place over the five days of the exhibition, and which are promoted by institutions, trade organisations and publishing houses, is also well advanced. Among the events organised directly by FederUnacoma are those that will have international resonance: the Forum on “Sustainable Agriculture, a global project”, in which it will be possible to have a report on European experiences in terms of ecological transition and eco-friendly development programs in the main regions of the world; the conference on “Marginal areas and extreme territories: ‘frontier’ agriculture”, the seminar on “Management of digital systems, big data and robotic fleets: new professional profiles and new training paths.” Other important events, among those “signed” by the Federation, are the workshop on “Bio-energy resource: market and prospects for biomass and renewable sources in the fuel sector”, the conference entitled “Emerging economies: models of agricultural development for the African continent”, and finally the meeting entitled “Food consumption: the demand for fresh products, mechanised supply chains”, aimed at interpreting new diets and consumption styles, with particular reference to fruit and vegetables. Among the novelties of this edition is also the EIMA Social Award contest reserved for the social promotion of the event by exhibitors. “We have repeatedly reiterated how much EIMA International is the product of a choral system, efficient, passionate, a trade fair reality with a solid tradition - concluded the General Manager of FederUnacoma - but also capable of a powerful push towards the new, a valuable exhibition for business activities, but also exciting from a cultural and human point of view.”


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