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EIMA Energy, successful experiences in the bioenergy sector

EIMA Energy, the salon dedicated to the technologies for the use of agricultural biomass for energy and industrial purposes, offers a rich programme of conferences and workshops to inform the audience and professionals on the latest scientific discoveries and the best practices in the specific sector of renewable sources

by Matteo Monni
October - November 2016 | Back

The issue of biomass valorization gains its rightful place within the so-called “circular economy”. The countless aspects of this virtuous chain will be treated during EIMA Energy, the Salon dedicated to the production of energy and biomaterials from biomass, held in Bologna from November 9 to 13, in the framework of EIMA International. In this ideal location, agriculture and forestry stakeholders, the most important machinery manufacturers, the world of scientific research as well as the mass-media will be engaged in a variety of informational and promotional activities. To this end, by recalling a format, which has already been successful in previous editions, the Italian Biomass Association ITABIA, has organised a wide programme of activities, including an international workshop, a series of technical conferences on the multiple use of biomass, an area dedicated to the dynamic display of operating machinery in the wood-energy sector, during which experts will explain to visitors the technical features of the machinery in action, for which have been developed specific brochures.


International Workshop on “precision forestry”

In many European countries, including Italy, most of forests covers mountain areas where cutting and hauling procedures of timber and wood for energy purposes are difficult and expensive, due to the steep slopes and the lack of adequate roads. In order to solve this problem, the EU has funded – within the Seventh Framework Programme – the SLOPE Project that – through the involvement of 5 countries (Italy, Austria, Finland, Spain and Ireland) and by putting in contact operators and businesses of the forestry sector with the world of research – has found affordable solutions, in terms of economy and environment, for the use of forests. In the last decade, the competitiveness of mountain timber has increased, thanks to the introduction of sensorized processors that, coupled with cable cars, allow to haul entire plants and prepare them for the loading and transporting operations.

The Workshop (on Thursday 10 November – 10:00 to 13:00 – Notturno Hall), will display the final results of the SLOPE Project, confirming that these systems may be optimised by increasing their economic and technical efficiency and by adopting “precision forestry” techniques, with the use of innovative tools such as GPS. From images taken by drones flying over forests, it is possible to realize an accurate virtual reconstruction and identify the plants to be cut, the obtainable biomass (with regard to quality and quantity), as well as to design the site and the following timber online sale and purchase system.


Thematic Workshops

Among the initiatives proposed by EIMA Energy is worth mentioning the cycle of thematic workshops dedicated to the focus on specific issues linked to a 360 degrees valorization of biomass as a precious resource for green industry and energy production. These workshops, conceived and developed to be short but effective, have a duration of approximately 40 minutes and are carried out by experts in the fields of mechanization and biomass, energy and industrial crops, energy and environmental savings through conservative agriculture, use of residual biomass in the production cycles of agro-industry, new technological thresholds for energy conversion of biomass, pallet obtained from agricultural waste (levels of quality and combustion tests), best practices and case studies for several sectors.


Dynamic show

In the specifically designed area 48, the researchers of CNR IVALSA – National Research Council, Tree and Timber Institute – will illustrate the technical features of the most innovative operating machinery for biomass production of agricultural origin and from forests, for energy purpose. For the wood-energy chain have been organized 4 main large-scale areas according to machine types: 1) timber handling 2) firewood processing 3) forestry chipping and residues shredding 4) collection and packaging of agricultural residues.

This area has been specifically designed to ensure the safety of visitors that will be able to attend the dynamic shows several times a day.


Technical visit

On November 12, a bus will departure from the trade fair directed to the anaerobic digestion plant of Correggio for a technical visit. The plant was awarded the first certificate of quality of the biogas sector in Italy, for the implementation of a procedural guideline developed by CIB (Biogas and Gasification Consortium) and approved by ENAMA (Italian Authority for Agricultural Mechanization), certifying the full environmental sustainability of its activities.


The ITABIA Stand

In Hall 33 B, ITABIA will manage a reception stand for visitors who wish to receive information on bioenergy and where it will be possible to meet the experts involved in the EIMA Energy information activities. The stand will be a reference point for the advertisement of the promotional material, the guides and the programme of activities coordinated by ITABIA. Among the informational material available at the ITABIA Stand is worth mentioning the official catalogue of the Salon, including, in addition to the presentation cards concerning the businesses participating to the dynamic shows with stands and machinery, information on the penetration potential abroad of virtuous models of Italian agro-energy supply chains.

A detailed programme of the above-mentioned initiatives is available on the ITABIA site or on . 

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