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Rubin 10/1000, the 'maxi' cultivator from Lemken

Lemken is expanding its range of compact disc cultivators with the Rubin 10/1000 model, a machine with a 10-metre working width which, despite its large 645 millimetre discs, is approved for road use (three metres wide, four metres high) at...

The performance of the Juwel 10 plough

It is called Juwel 10 and is a reversible plough that can be equipped with up to 7 elements. It is made by the German company Lemken, active in the manufacture of tillage equipment. The new plough from Lemken, which...

Lemken, turnover increases in 2018

Positive year closing for the German company Lemken. The brand from Alpen (a city not far from Dusseldorf) specializes in technologies for soil processing, and it closed 2018 with a significant increase in turnover, which reached 380 million euros (+6%...

Diamant 16, the new Lemken ploughs focus on consumption

After the great success of the Diamant 11 ploughs, with more than 4 thousand models sold, Lemken launches the Diamant 16 series at EIMA International, available on the market starting from 2019. The new range signed by the German company,...

New Primus design for Lemken

The Primus trailed field sprayer, a leading series for the German Agrovision Company Lemken, debuted at the end of July following a total redesign by the manufacturer’s technicians with a new construction design for the working components of the machine...

Lemken, the balance sheet confirms levels reached in 2015

The German company closed 2016 with a turnover of 325 million euros, the same level reached in 2015. Lemken's performance in eastern European markets was very positive, while Germany and France recorded a standstill. New technologies make their debut in 2017, among them the Azurit single-seed drill

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