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Diamant 16, the new Lemken ploughs focus on consumption

After the great success of the Diamant 11 ploughs, with more than 4 thousand models sold, Lemken launches the Diamant 16 series at EIMA International, available on the market starting from 2019. The new range signed by the German company,...

Kuhn, a high-tech system for plow raising

Kuhn was awarded a silver medal at the Agritechnica 2017 for the manufacturer’s Smart Plowing system. Kuhn’s “Section control” is an electro-hydraulic control system that uses the hydraulic, non-stop break-back system to control the individual plow bodies based on GPS...

Moldboard window plow, evolution of a basic piece of equipment

The millennial history of the plow has not yet come to an end. Its evolution has led to the arrival of models of the moldboard window plow to combine performance at work and the reduction of energy requirements

FreeLand, the Falc rotary plow making a debut

Falc in Faenza, near Ravenna, has been at work in the agricultural mechanization sector for more then fifty years and is now getting ready for the important SIMA appointment in Paris with two new soil preparation machines geared for the...

Lelio plows: a new range from Maschio-Gaspardo

Within days of the acquisition of the Cremona company Feraboli and thanks to this move, the Maschio-Gaspardo-Unigreen has completed its range of haymaking machines to achieve a full line-up ahead of the Fieragricola appointment in Verona where the Padua-based...

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