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Anno 2014 Numero 1

January 2014

Lelio plows: a new range from Maschio-Gaspardo

Within days of the acquisition of the Cremona company Feraboli and thanks to this move, the Maschio-Gaspardo-Unigreen has completed its range of haymaking machines to achieve a full line-up ahead of the Fieragricola appointment in Verona where the Padua-based group will introduce the new Lelio range of plows. Lelio plows, given a  preview at Agritechnica in Hanover, feature a foldable frame for agility and safety for road transport by reducing stress on the lift and on the rear tractor axle by shifting the center of gravity forward. Coming as standard equipment is an oscillating or fixed monobloc head with slid or parallelogram regulation of the first plowshare, an hydraulic system for setting the work width and a single beam folding frame with a safety bolt system and no welding. Obviously, the new plows from the manufacturer headquartered in Campodarsegno offer great latitude for personalization with skimmers, deflectors, coulter disc blades and the like and a selection from among various moldboards in high resistance steel. In the plant treatment sector, the focus will be on the sprayers Uragano, Pompeo S and the Saturno One. The first is a self-propelled sprayer with an hydraulic system for continuously varying track width from 1700 to 3050 mm and boom and cabin height for the many machine configurations. The Uragano is equipped with a special tunnel frame allowing ground clearance of up to three meters and mounts a strong John Deere engine rated at 170 hp. This sprayer can also vaunt great stability thanks to a very low center of gravity achieved by the location of the two lateral tanks and the central engine tunnel. The trailed Pompeo S sprayer is equipped with a parallelogram boom lift for booms of up to 36 m, a fully suspended sprayer boom and wheel axle, tanks with capacities of up to 6500 liters and a steering axle and reduces compacting to a minimum. The machines in this range are available with an air sleeve for limiting drift and a Devikit washing circuit which can even operate in tanks without diluting the product. The Devikit system also comes on the Saturn One mounted boom from 18 to 24 meters which also features a CPU mounted on the left side for the management of spraying. 



by Giovanni M. Losavio

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