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FreeLand, the Falc rotary plow making a debut

by Fabrizio Sereni
January/February 2015 | Back

Falc in Faenza, near Ravenna, has been at work in the agricultural mechanization sector for more then fifty years and is now getting ready for the important SIMA appointment in Paris with two new soil preparation machines geared for the French market. The first is the FreeLand model rotary plow built for contractors and big farming operations which require a machine capable of work even in the most demanding conditions such as extreme dry or extremely wet terrain. These rotary plows come in widths of 2.5, 3 and 4 meters and are equipped with convex rotary shares for wet soil or concave rotary tines for packed dry soil. The FreeLand models are certain of a warm welcome thanks to their ability to work the ground and leave excellent levelling, a uniform mix of crop residues and optimum soil drainage in one single pass without creating a compacted and smooth surface. Other great advantages built into these Falc rotary plows are low operating costs  due to reduced fuel consumption, less wear on the tires with slipping brought down to virtually zero, and outstanding performance with high-speed operations. The four FreeLand models weigh in between 2,600 and 3,200 kg, require tractor power between 150 and 230 Hp and work to depths down to some 35 cm. Also coming up for presentation by Falc are the auger shredders Fast built in two versions, the 4800 with a work width of 4.8 meters and the folding 5000 with a width of 5 meters. Both are designed for shredding and windrowing stalks in one transit and both, the Fast 4800 and Fast P (folding) 5000, requiring tractor power from 180 to 300 Hp, feature two transmissions as standard equipment and rotors mounting 104 knives. The augers of the two models can be bypassed with a simple operation to transform the machines into traditional shredders. 




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