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New Emak shredders, designed for heavy duty use

by Giacomo Di Paola
January 2022 | Back

The latest novelty from Emak for the green maintenance sector is a heavy duty shredder capable of working in all those situations where it is problematic to intervene with traditional models of lawn mowers, flail mowers and mowers. The new model proposed by the company from Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) for the Oleo-Mac WB 50 K800H, Efco DR 50 K800H, Bertolini BTS 50 and Nibbi NTS 50 brands, has been specifically designed for mowing grass, shoots, low vegetation and brushwood on uncultivated land, roadside verges, sloping areas, brambles and undergrowth. Compact and with first-class performance, the machine developed by the Emilia-based company offers a cutting width of 50 cm and is equipped with a cutting unit with 26 "Y" shaped flails for top quality work in very heavy-duty conditions. The rotor, supported by reinforced and shielded bearings, makes the whole unit perfectly balanced and resistant to accidental impacts. The reinforced gearbox with 4-speed mechanical transmission (including reverse) is also very durable; it is made up of oil-immersed gears and can be activated by means of an ergonomic engagement lever located on the side of the gearbox. In addition to their high performance, the new Emak shredders stand out for their versatility, since, thanks to their large rubber wheels that set no limits on any type of terrain (guaranteeing optimum grip), they are able to adapt to different types of environment and shredding, while the front pivoting wheels, which can be locked manually, allow the cutting line to be maintained even on steep terrain. Finally, one of the other pluses of these machines is the height- and side-adjustable handlebar, offering the operator maximum comfort while working.Operator comfort and convenience is one of the strengths of these two ride-ons, thanks to the tilting and adjustable steering wheel, ergonomic controls, a new bright dashboard and a large platform offering easy access to the operator. The one-piece bonnet is also new, and together with the removable radiator grille, it facilitates routine maintenance of the machine.



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