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Pezzolato: integrated solutions for chipping

Pezzolato, a company headquartered in Envie, in the province of Cuneo, returns to Agritechnica with a wide range of products, spanning from chipping machines to those for firewood processing. At the forefront of the Piedmont-based booth is the self-propelled chipper...

Power and agility for Pezzolato chippers

Since 1976 Pezzolato has been manufacturing and marketing firewood production machines and chippers for landscapers and contractors in over 24 countries. For the Piedmontese company - headquartered in Envie, in the province of Cuneo - 2022 was a year full...

PTH ALL ROAD, Pezzolato launches its series production

Following the first prototype started in 2015 and the subsequent low-volume production, the series production of the PTH ALL ROAD kicked off in January 2020.  A self-propelled chipper approved to circulate on the road at 80 km/h, powered by a...

Quality chipping with the PTH All Road from Pezzolato

PTH All Road is a self-propelled chipper now available in the 700 Hp version built by Pezzolato located in Envie near Cuneo for ensuring maximum agility and maneuvering in the most difficult terrain. This compact self-propelled drum chipper operating on...

Pezzolato: the All Road self-propelled chipper

At Agritechnica, the spotlight is on the All Road model, a self-propelled chipper designed by Pezzolato in Envie (Cuneo), to match the functionality of an industrial machine with the compact size of a machine designed to move in the narrower...

Agile and powerful, the PTH 1400/820 Allroad by Pezzolato

The new model of the Cuneo brand following a debut at EIMA, is arriving for a tryout in Paris, a new self-propelled drum chipper is built for great maneuverability in the field and heavy duty operations

The All Road, a new chipper by Pezzolato

The self-propelled PTH 1400/820 with great maneuverability, ample visibility and a totally renewed chipping unit is a versatile machine with excellent performance

Pezzolato, innovative technologies for chipped wood

The team from Envie (Cuneo), is present at the Eima International event with all its flagship products. The spotlight is first of all on the PTH All Road model, a self-propelled drum chipper, equipped with a crane for the loading...

Two Pezzolato plants for processing fire wood

Two systems for processing firewood built by the manufacturer Pezzolato are on their way to the Verona exposition. The first is the Tl 1000 Professional designed for handling bundles of wood of various lengths and diameters. Using this machine...

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