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Pezzolato: the All Road self-propelled chipper

by Giacomo Di Paola
November 2017 | Back

At Agritechnica, the spotlight is on the All Road model, a self-propelled chipper designed by Pezzolato in Envie (Cuneo), to match the functionality of an industrial machine with the compact size of a machine designed to move in the narrower spaces. Therefore, the All Road Self-Propelled chipper is high on maneuverability: its 4-wheel drive allows to steer both axles separately, together or only with the frontal axle. Other highlights of the machine are the position of the feeding inlet at the bottom of the machine to simplify the working procedures both with large piles of wood, and with the product placed in little heaps. The drum, already appreciated for its reliability and resistance over time, (it is zero maintenance), is 1.4 meters wide, and about 3.5 tons capacity. Thanks to its section-divided structure, this device is able to best distribute the machine’s stress, significantly reducing vibrations, noise and fuel consumption. On the contrary, the chips expulsion fan has continuous speed regulation, therefore it is able to adapt the speed to the real needs of the operator, and reduce the fuel consumption. As far as the propulsion system is concerned, the company’s choice fell on a turbo-charged Stage IV (euro 6) equipped with EGR (exhaust emission blow-by) and SCR (Ad-Blue). Two versions are available: a Scania 550 for 820 mm drum chipper, and a 700 Hp Volvo for 1000 mm drum. The cab is climatized and has an optimum view on the working area, it is equipped with all the necessary controls for handling the machine, both for the displacement and the chipping. The working operations can be managed through two 12.1” color touch-screen panels large enough to display (in single or simultaneous mode) the shooting of the two camcorders of the self-propelled chipper. Among the novelties of the model to be exhibited in Hanover, the conveyor design, which allows to unload the product even on vehicles placed in front of the cabin, not only aside, or behind the engine. 


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