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Chippers for every specific requirement

The broad versatility of modern chippers enables them to be profitably used in different work contexts, in all cases, with high productivity and excellent product quality

Power and agility for Pezzolato chippers

Since 1976 Pezzolato has been manufacturing and marketing firewood production machines and chippers for landscapers and contractors in over 24 countries. For the Piedmontese company - headquartered in Envie, in the province of Cuneo - 2022 was a year full...

PTH ALL ROAD, Pezzolato launches its series production

Following the first prototype started in 2015 and the subsequent low-volume production, the series production of the PTH ALL ROAD kicked off in January 2020.  A self-propelled chipper approved to circulate on the road at 80 km/h, powered by a...

Negri C13 chipper, efficient and robust

At EIMA International, the attention is on the chipper with petrol and/or C13 diesel engine, designed by the Mantuan company Negri Srl (the headquarters are in Campitello di Marcaria) for shredding different types of branches and, above all, for chipping...

The chipper, technologies for the bio-energy supply chain

Machines capable of crushing wood residues by reducing them into small chips are essential for the energy sector because they make fuels easy to burn, as well as transportable and manageable. Many Italian companies are at the forefront of this sector, creating models with different powers and characteristics, suitable for the different wood species and for the various agricultural business models

Pezzolato: the All Road self-propelled chipper

At Agritechnica, the spotlight is on the All Road model, a self-propelled chipper designed by Pezzolato in Envie (Cuneo), to match the functionality of an industrial machine with the compact size of a machine designed to move in the narrower...

Chippers: how to counter the risk of dragging

Research activities reported in this article were conducted in the framework of the PROMOSIC Project, Protection of Machinery Operators Against Crush, Entanglement, Shearing, completed by Inail the National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance. The project covered a number of safety issues associated with principal agricultural machines and the article describes a prototype solution for forestry chippers with manual feeds

Innovative chipper technologies from the Gandini Group

The Gandini Group in Guidizzolo near Mantua has prepared a wealth of technical content in the manufacturer’s exhibition area to present to the general public attending EIMA International the most outstanding products in the Gandini range. For openers there is...

Pezzolato, innovative technologies for chipped wood

The team from Envie (Cuneo), is present at the Eima International event with all its flagship products. The spotlight is first of all on the PTH All Road model, a self-propelled drum chipper, equipped with a crane for the loading...

Wood chippers: a necessary technology for forestry economy

In logging and in areas where clearcutting is carried out it is now necessary to leave a clean area behind after this work has been performed. The most convenient method is to chip or reduce the logs felled. The chips produced can be used as fuel, for the production of chipboard panels or compost. Manufacturing industries now market a wide range of wood chippers suitable for the requirements of various work operations

Negri's solutions for the treatment of vegetable residues

The Negri ranges of bioshredders and chippers will be in the foreground at Fieragricola led off by the P70E chipper model built by the manufacturer in Campitello, near Mantua, for chipping vegetable materials for the production of pellets. The...

Bioshredders and chippers: economic management of biomass residues

The need to manage agricultural and forestry biomass and the maintenance of green areas lead to increasing greater attention focused on such machinery as bioshredders and chippers. In this field, manufacturers offer a wide range of technologies suitable for all requirements but those who operate these machines must gain a better understanding of the technical features involved for making the correct purchase and using them in the best way possible

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