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Peruzzo, powerful cutting machines

At EIMA International, Peruzzo will launch the TB50 chipper, a compact drum model that can work on dry branches up to 5-6 cm in diameter and wet branches up to 6-7 cm. Aimed primarily at private users, rental companies and...

ROBOFOX, the innovative Peruzzo electric flail mower

At EIMA International, Peruzzo will be showcasing two brand new products which, although still in the prototype stage, promise to raise the bar in terms of productivity in the mulching machine segment. The first proposal from the Veneto-based company (based...

Different mechanized sites for harvesting biomass for pruning in Southern Italy

A mulcher produced by Peruzzo di Curtarolo (PD) was used to collect pruning residues from various tree crops. By measuring the multiple harvesting parameters and comparing the different productions, it has been possible to establish the most efficient mechanized supply chains. The citrus fruit harvesting site showed the best production capacity, followed by the pear and apple tree sites

Peruzzo-ABF Color, a partnership for painting

A new, latest generation, production plant, equipped with an automated sandblasting cycle. Two local companies inaugurated it in Curtarolo (Padua): Peruzzo, specialized in the production of machines for agriculture and park care and maintenance, and ABF Color, operating in the...

New Peruzzo product ranges on exhibit in Bologna

A wide range of new products planned by Padua company, a manufacturer this year celebrating their 60th anniversary of work coming to the Bologna exposition with the Panther sprayer boom and items extending to the fully electric self-propelled Robofox-E mower

Website and showroom: the new Peruzzo showcases

This Autumn is marked by dynamism for Peruzzo, which recently inaugurated a new showroom next to the Curtarolo (Padova) production plant, and also presented the restyling of the website, redesigned for platform interoperability

Chippers: how to counter the risk of dragging

Research activities reported in this article were conducted in the framework of the PROMOSIC Project, Protection of Machinery Operators Against Crush, Entanglement, Shearing, completed by Inail the National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance. The project covered a number of safety issues associated with principal agricultural machines and the article describes a prototype solution for forestry chippers with manual feeds

The Model 400 versatile vacuum by Peruzzo

The Peruzzo range of machinery and equipment for agriculture and groundskeeping, in the Green Pro line, extends from flail mowers as the manufacturer’s core business on to mulchers and machines for cleaning up cut grass, fallen leaves and other debris....

Mowers and chippers by Peruzzo

  The manufacturer Peruzzo, been specializing for the past fifty years in machinery for gardening groundskeeping of public areas, recently unveiled at demonstration trials in Monza a wide range of technologies and interesting new models. Worthy of note in the...

The Mustang mower by Peruzzo: certified safety

New for the self-powered Mustang ride-on mower by Peruzzi is that this model, presented originally at the 2012 EIMA International, has come through the European standards approval with flying colors thanks to the Mustang's anti-rollover frame and certification for transport...

Peruzzo: ecological mills from Universal series

The Peruzzo stand at Fieragricola will spotlight a pair of the best selling lines built by the Curtarolo manufacturer, near Padua, the two Universal Hammer Mill series 700 and 1000. The technology designed for these models is aimed at boosting...

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