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New Peruzzo product ranges on exhibit in Bologna

A wide range of new products planned by Padua company, a manufacturer this year celebrating their 60th anniversary of work coming to the Bologna exposition with the Panther sprayer boom and items extending to the fully electric self-propelled Robofox-E mower

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back

Peruzzo in Curtarolo, near Padua, will arrive for the EIMA International exhibition an array of new products marking the celebration of the manufacturer’s 60th anniversary of experience in their sector. In their stand, the company will feature the Panther Biofetilizer Boom, a sprayer with a wide work width from 160 to 180 y-o 200 cm for spraying non-toxic biological fertilizer with substantial amounts of nutrition for the roots of grassy lawns and greenery. The bio product was developed by the Biozeta firm in Verona whose technical representatives will be on hand in the Peruzzo stand to explain away any visitor’s doubts about their fertilizer. Within the new spraying system created by Peruzzo is the Panther mower which is a true multifunctional machine capable of performing five operations with a single pass: mowing, areation, collection, levelling and fertilization.

The TB100-C. Is a tracked wood chipper based on the earlier TB100 model. The new chipper is compact, designed for reducing hard green wastes of pruning products with diameters from 10 to 11 cm. The new Peruzzo chipper unveiled at EIMA International is equipped with robust drum components with the new design. The machine is powered by an independent Briggs & Stratton 3.5 Hp engine and is equipped with a chain which facilitates work on uneven and slippery ground. The generous hopper is inclined and tipped down for discharge performed by efficient automatic load compensation, two steel blades work to avoid clogging and power from a 2 cylinder 18 Hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard electric motor. Also noteworthy is that the TB 100-C can also be used as a small tracked transporter.

The Robofox Hybrid is a new entry in the category of self-propelled tracked, remote controlled mowers with low fuel consumption, able to cut grass, shred it, cope with shrubs, weeds and brushwood on steep slopes thanks to a low center of gravity and strong shaped chains. The Robofox Hybrid is powered by a 22.5 Hp engine which runs the 900 mm shredder. For movement, the mower runs off two brushless electric motors with alternatores allowing the operator to work in closed areas without breathing in gas exhaust. The pair of batteries also provide auxiliary power for returning the mower to base should there be trouble with the engine. The Robofox-E is a fully electric tracked mower ideal for work in urban settings due to low noise impact and zero exhaust emissions. This machine is designed for grass moving, dealing with shrubs, weeds and brushwood with safe work on steep slopes. The autonomy of this mower is about four hours which can be doubled by replacing the battery pack, depending on work conditions, and maintenance is reduced due to electric power, the full electric model is appreciated for its zero emission, pollutants and noise. For this reason, Robofox-E is ideal for urban areas.



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