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Anno 2017 Numero 12

December 2017

Website and showroom: the new Peruzzo showcases

This Autumn is marked by dynamism for Peruzzo, which recently inaugurated a new showroom next to the Curtarolo (Padova) production plant, and also presented the restyling of the website, redesigned for platform interoperability

Time for novelties at Peruzzo. After this year at Agritechnica in Hannover, where the company from Curtarolo (Padova) attended with important product innovations, Peruzzo inaugurates a new showroom and launches the restyling of its website. In short, a great year-end that hints at a 2018 marked by growth. Mondo Macchina talked about it with the managing director Roberto Peruzzo

At Peruzzo, the Autumn of 2017 will be remembered as a particularly dynamic season, with investments looking to the future... what is the market outlook?

In the short to medium term, we are very focused on the US market, where in 2017 our exports grew 40% over the previous year. This strong stateside expansion is the result of a commercial strategy aimed not only at promoting the loyalty of the most dynamic American importers, but above all at dealing with machines that are conceived specifically for that market. As far as Europe is concerned, our goal is to consolidate ourselves, especially in France, a country where our range of products has generated positive signals. We are also interested in Russia, but these are long-term projects.

This means great attention to the product, but also to the corporate image. What are the most important features of your brand and what differentiates you from the competition on the market?

Certainly the performance of our cutting devices, prized for both their productive output and the quality of the workmanship. Another characteristic of our way of doing business is what the British mean with the expression what you see is what you get, that is, the ability to always meet the expectations that customers have of our machines. And this also in terms of after-sales service, for which we were able to provide response times within 24 hours, maximum 48 hours.

What have been the criteria for the restyling of your website? Do you anticipate using it more as a corporate showcase, as a source of information, or as a marketing tool?

Restyling our website is an integral part of a business strategy centred on the customers. We have conceived it as an integrated communication tool that gives us the ability to interact with the widest possible audience. In short, with a globalized audience. That’s why we’ve improved its connectivity, optimizing the platform for mobile devices, and translating the content into ten languages. Market research has shown us how our customers are looking for two levels of information: the first one prefers tablets, smartphones and social media platforms, aimed at immediate information, such as a problem resolution or a new product; and a second one that is in-depth, to find maintenance or spare part handbooks. We have therefore structured the site as a flexible container capable of adapting to the different requests of visitors, through social media interoperability.

Let’s talk about the new showroom. What are the design features that you find most interesting? More generally, in a commercial system that is increasingly pointing to online communication and transactions, what can be the “added value” of a physical site to showcase production?

The new showroom is established inside a former workshop, next to our production plant. It has an arched structure dating back to the 50s/60s of the last century, and can be considered as a testimony to our industrial boom. We have reinterpreted from a modern angle the design of fifty years ago by respecting the aesthetic legacy of our industrial past. In short, it is a space conceived as a complete alternative to the virtual world. It has to allow anyone to have a quick glance across our range, with the opportunity to appreciate the design and the construction quality of our machines, and to perceive the charm of a business history made of experience and passion. 

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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