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Peruzzo, powerful cutting machines

by Federico Valentini
October - November 2022 | Back

At EIMA International, Peruzzo will launch the TB50 chipper, a compact drum model that can work on dry branches up to 5-6 cm in diameter and wet branches up to 6-7 cm. Aimed primarily at private users, rental companies and small green maintenance companies, it is the ideal machine for shredding small-sized prunings while maintaining high work productivity. The cutting drum of the chipper, the entry level of the Peruzzo range, consists of two high-strength, reversible blades, to which we added a counter-blade also made of hardened steel. Depending on the processed product, this is ejected from the chipper's discharge outlet at a height of 142 cm and at a distance of 2-3 metres, thus facilitating unloading into skips or special containers. Powered by a Honda brand internal combustion engine or alternatively Briggs&Stratton with belt drive, ignition is by means of a pull-starter but is facilitated by the standard centrifugal pulley positioned on the drive shaft. Easy to move and load on various types of transport vehicles, with an overall width of 58 cm and large diameter wheels, when working the TB50 is able to overcome obstacles or cross narrow entrances. Another new product that Peruzzo will be presenting at the Bologna exhibition is the Bull Cross, a rear-mounted flail mower and mulcher that, thanks to its versatility, can be used with tractors of at least 70 Hp, for cleaning green areas (parks, airports, motorways, ditches), for shredding prunings in orchards and vineyards, as well as for clearing brush on wooded or uncultivated land. Equipped with a sturdy structure and lateral movement, the Peruzzo flail mower can be used with an inclination ranging from +90° to -65°. The use of robust hammers, specifically created for this model, allows a finely shredded residue to be obtained even with 5-7 cm diameter prunings. It is also equipped with an anti-shock valve to absorb accidental blows to the machine.


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