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ROBOFOX, the innovative Peruzzo electric flail mower

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

At EIMA International, Peruzzo will be showcasing two brand new products which, although still in the prototype stage, promise to raise the bar in terms of productivity in the mulching machine segment.

The first proposal from the Veneto-based company (based in Curtarolo, near Padua) is the ROBOFOX E-DRIVE model, an electric tracked mulcher whose main design feature is the ability to define the working area, memorise it and allow the machine to cover it in complete autonomy for an infinite number of times. With a working speed of 5 km/h and a work area slant of up to 25° = ~ (46%), ROBOFOX E-DRIVE has an independent system for raising and lowering the front cutting unit. This technology - explains the Veneto-based manufacturer in a technical note - refers to the instructions given by the operator during the very first "teaching" phase (called DRIVE), and ensures that the machine stores and archives them until the next time it is used (REPEAT). The working path is constantly monitored by the machine, preventing the vehicle from deviating from its originally predefined route. In line with the needs of "smart" customers, the machine can be conveniently managed via a special web app for all electronic devices. The second prototype is called ROBOFOX X-DRIVE and is very similar to the first prototype in terms of its technical features. It differs from the first prototype in the type of tool it is equipped with, a bucket for handling snow, and therefore in the type of application it is intended for.

In addition to the two electric prototypes, Peruzzo will also be presenting the PERUZZO TB 100-C PRO compact chipper in Bologna, equipped with a hydraulic drive roller and suitable for processing branches with a maximum diameter of 11 cm. Intended for professional users or hirers, the TB 100-C PRO has a large rotor with two reversible blades made of high-strength steel. The special design of the hydraulic drive roller, equipped with teeth that adhere firmly to the processed material, easily conveys branches, twigs and cuttings into the cutting unit. The centrifugal force created by the rotor ejects the finely chopped material, projecting it out of the swivelling outlet and throwing it about 3/7 m (depending on the material being processed). This allows the processed material to be easily loaded onto either a trailer or a collection box. The cut (for branches up to 11 cm in diameter) is made with the aid of the no-stress system and a twin-cylinder engine dedicated solely to shredding, which delivers a power of 23 Hp. The compact size (75 cm wide) allows the chipper to be used even in narrow areas or on terraces, and makes it easy to move (even in small vans). The TB100-C PRO chipper is equipped with wide and sturdy tracks, driven by an independent 5 Hp engine: this allows you to easily overcome the roughness of the ground.

On the Peruzzo stand, the spotlight is on the ELK front and rear double-arc mulcher, which is popular for its versatility. The double reversibility multiplier allows it to be used both at the front and at the rear of the tractor; furthermore, this model can also be used as a flail mower. The advantages of the ELK double-arc mulcher include the reduction of the wave effect on the sward and the mulching action. These features make it an ideal working tool for parks, forests (forest fire prevention), motorway embankments, ski slo­pes and agricultural operations.


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