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Cyclone Super-Flex, the efficient mower from Rotomec

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

A machine designed to cut labour costs without reducing the quality of work. We are talking about the Cyclone Super-Flex, a mower manufactured by Rotomec of Nogara (Verona) which, thanks to the possibility of operating at particularly high speeds (up to 12-15 km/h) with a considerable cutting width (up to 6 metres), is able to reduce working times and fuel consumption costs.

Suitable for the maintenance of sports fields, public parks, airports, golf courses and lawns, Cyclone Super-Flex consists of a chassis-trolley mechanically and hydraulically connected to three vertical axis mowers of the Cyclone C50 series, equipped with rear discharge.

Cyclone Super-Flex is produced in four versions with working widths of 360, 450, 510 and 600 cm respectively and can be combined with tractors of between 25 and 80 horsepower. Each unit works independently of the others: it is anchored to the frame with oscillating attachments - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - and rests on four wheels so that, even on uneven terrain, or in any case not perfectly levelled, the cut is always thorough and uniform.

The mowing units are equipped with multipliers with helical gears. At the end of the job, during transport, storage or maintenance, the three mower units can be hydraulically folded down to an almost vertical position. Another great strength of the Cyclone Super-Flex is the specially reinforced frame that can be unfolded (or folded) to increase the cutting overlap of the mower units. The oversized wheel arms are designed to support larger wheel forks and 13" pneumatic wheels.

The Rotomec mower, presented at EIMA 2021, is offered with a wide range of optional extras, including mulching kit, four different types of blades, solid wheels, three models of drawbar for towing the combined mower, and hydraulic unblocking device for the units.



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