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Rotomec's sturdy post hole diggers

The Veneto-based company Rotomec (headquartered in Nogara, in the province of Verona), specialised in the design and production of technologies for working the soil and machinery for gardening and landscaping, presents its line of post hole diggers at EIMA International....

Cyclone Super-Flex, the efficient mower from Rotomec

A machine designed to cut labour costs without reducing the quality of work. We are talking about the Cyclone Super-Flex, a mower manufactured by Rotomec of Nogara (Verona) which, thanks to the possibility of operating at particularly high speeds (up...

Poly-Hop, a spreader for high performance

In the spreader sector, the Veronese company Rotomec (headquartered in Nogara), which specializes in the design and manufacture of technologies for working the soil as well as garden solutions, launches a machine specifically designed for spreading corrosive products. We are...

Cyclone C28 lawn mower, precise and functional

In the field of green area maintenance, the Veronese company Rotomec (the headquarters are in Nogara) offers the Cyclone C28 model, among others. As the Veneto company explains in a technical note, this is a lawn mower for tractors between...

Cyclone C70 Rotomec, a lawnmower for difficult terrain

Cyclone C70 is a three-rotor lawnmower designed by the Verona-based company Rotomec (headquartered in No­ga­ra) for tractors with a minimum power of 30 and a maximum of 70 HP. The Verona company has included two models on this product line,...

Cyclone Super-Flex, the new Rotomec also approved for road use

Over fifty years of experience in the design and construction of agricultural machinery; this is the visiting card of Rotomec from Nogara, in the province of Verona, which at EIMA 2018 presents the Cyclone Super-Flex combined mower model, approved for...

Rotomec H80, the heavy duty flail mower

H80 is a horizontal axis rotary flail mower of the Hurricane series, designed by Rotomec of Nogara (Verona) for professional use in the field of public park maintenance or areas adjacent to roadways. The H80 comes with a 152 mm...

Hop by Rotomec, the versatile fertilizer spreader

The Hop is a fertilizer spreader with a conical funnel hopper and disc distribution built by Rotomec is coming up for debut at Agritechnica 2017. The manufacturer explained that the new machine is ideal for spreading granular and powder fertilizers...

Rotomec: precision and safety with Hurricane H40-S

The latest arrival from Rotomec is the Hurricane H40-S model, a horizontal axis flail mower with a maximum 40 cm lateral displacement on the right. This is a machine designed for the maintenance of grassy lawns and for all those...

Cyclone Super-Flex, innovative trailed gang mower by Rotomec

Rotomec in Nogara, near Verona, is arriving in Paris for the  International Agribusiness Show with the Cyclone Super Flex gang mower built to hold down the cost of labor and provide superb quality of mowing. Thanks to the speed of...

Reduced consumption with Rotomec's Turbo Hop spreader

  The Turbo Hop pendular spreader is a highly valued achievement for Rotomec, the manufacturer of the multi-purpose machine suitable for the distribution of fertilizer in granules or powdered as well as with humidity levels of up for 30% and...

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