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Rotomec: precision and safety with Hurricane H40-S

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2017 | Back

The latest arrival from Rotomec is the Hurricane H40-S model, a horizontal axis flail mower with a maximum 40 cm lateral displacement on the right. This is a machine designed for the maintenance of grassy lawns and for all those situations where the operator requires cutting precision combined with maximum work safety. Indeed, as stated in a technical note from the Verona company (headquartered in Nogara), the Hurricane H40-S comes standard with the highest level of equipment, which includes electronic balance blade rotor (ensuring great accuracy); sealed bearings lubricated for life; double-joint coupling device (prevents blade injuries and rotor damage); rear roller; roller scraper that the user can use to adjust the cutting height. Hurricane H40-S also makes it possible to perform what Rotomec calls “against-the-growth” processing, a­chieved with a clockwise blade movement with respect to the tractor’s direction of travel.

The lateral displacement can be carried out manually or with the use of a special hydraulic cylinder. Among the other benefits of the new Rotomec flail mower, we should highlight the expanded rear roller.

This device, as explained by the manufacturer, can also be placed near the rotor, thus using the rotation of the blades to ensure maximum cleaning of the roller itself and thus optimizing the machine’s performance.

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