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Rotomec H80, the heavy duty flail mower

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February - March 2018 | Back

H80 is a horizontal axis rotary flail mower of the Hurricane series, designed by Rotomec of Nogara (Verona) for professional use in the field of public park maintenance or areas adjacent to roadways. The H80 comes with a 152 mm rotor, electronically balanced, secured to the frame through adjustable bearings able to withstand the most severe stresses. This characteristic makes the new Rotomec flail mower an ideal working tool for heavy duty operations. On the other hand, the H80, like all the other models of the Hurricane line, also features the fixing of tools with a double joint system that prevents both the breakage of the blades and damage to the rotor. The rotor can be equipped with a wide range of blades, depending on the work to be done. The manufacturer points out in a technical note that the H80 model is also compatible with vertical blades for the scarification of turf on which there are plant residues. The cutting height, which can be adjusted by the user through the rear roller (equipped with a scraper) ranges from a minimum of 20 mm to a maximum of 150 mm. The power draw is 40-80 horsepower, for a working width that starts from 150 cm on the entry level model (H80-060) reaching 250 cm on the top of the range H80-100. Finally, there are three other construction features of the new Rotomec flail mower, the steel cast multiplier; the two high-strength toothed belts, with semi-automatic belt tensioner; the universal trasmission shaft with free wheel; the single-balanced cast iron pulleys and the anti-wear buffer. The H80 can be applied to the tractor in the front or rear.


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