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Cyclone Super-Flex, innovative trailed gang mower by Rotomec

by Giacomo Di Paola
January - February 2017 | Back

Rotomec in Nogara, near Verona, is arriving in Paris for the  International Agribusiness Show with the Cyclone Super Flex gang mower built to hold down the cost of labor and provide superb quality of mowing. Thanks to the speed of operations at 12 to 15 km/h and generous working width of up to 6 meters Cyclone Super Flex is capable of drastically reducing the time needed for mowing jobs and fuel consumption as the ideal model for professional groundskeepers for work on lawns, especially with large areas, sports grounds, public parks, airports and golf courses. The four models available in the Flex series range in width from 360, 450, to 510 and 600 cm and require power from 25 to a maximum of 80 Hp. The innovative Rotomec model features a frame-mower deck with mechanical and hydraulic linkage to three vertical axis mowers in the Cyclone C50 Series with rear discharge. The manufacturer, explaining the new construction technique, reported that each unit works independently so that other than their anchoring on the trolley with a system of oscillating links, the four wheels ensures perfectly level and uniform cutting on uneven surfaces. The reinforced telescopic frame can be configures to broaden or narrow the precise blade overlap and the sectioned swivel bearing wheel arms can be extended to reduce the tracks tracks left on the grass. The mower units are equipped with multipliers, produced by Rotomec, with helical gears which can increase the strength and silence of the machine. The Veneto manufacturer also reported that at the end of each operation the Cyclone Super Flex mowers can be hydraulically folder to a vertical configuration for transport, parking or maintenance work. 



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