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Hop by Rotomec, the versatile fertilizer spreader

by the editorial staff
November 2017 | Back

The Hop is a fertilizer spreader with a conical funnel hopper and disc distribution built by Rotomec is coming up for debut at Agritechnica 2017. The manufacturer explained that the new machine is ideal for spreading granular and powder fertilizers and pointed out how easy how easy the Hop is to use and the great advantage of the quality- price ration. The machine designed by Rotomec in Nogara, near Verona, is also versatile. Other than spreading fertilizer, in the winter months the machine can be deployed for spreading sand and salt on ice covered roads. According to the manufacturer’s technical note, the Hop is available with hopper capacities of 100, 150, 250 and 350 lt and are operated with low tractor power of 16 to 30 Hp and a 540 rpm PTO. The Hop comes with a fixed agitator as standard equipment and a wheel agitator is available as an option. The four Hop models include the Poly-Hop equipped with a polyethylene hopper and components built in stainless steel to make the machine suitable for handling corrosive materials. 


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