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Optimize the processing: mineral fertilizer spreaders

The variable-rate fertilizer spreader is usually characterized by the presence of different devices: independent dose adjustment for each delivery disk. The system, usually defined as EMC (Electronic Mass flow Control), is based on the continuous correction of the position of...

Kubota fertilizer spreader, a "fast" machine

Its name is DSXL-W Geospread and it is a fertilizer spreader able to work at high speeds, even with the application of variable speed fertilizer. It was created by Kubota which, in designing the machine, paid particular attention to the...

Hop by Rotomec, the versatile fertilizer spreader

The Hop is a fertilizer spreader with a conical funnel hopper and disc distribution built by Rotomec is coming up for debut at Agritechnica 2017. The manufacturer explained that the new machine is ideal for spreading granular and powder fertilizers...

Maschio Gaspardo: wide range on display in Paris

The Veneto manufacturer is arriving in Paris with all their leading products. Coming up for preview showcasing are the Tsunami sprayer, the Primo fertilizer spreader and the Camilla and Katia hedge and verge mowers. Other models presented at EIMA International will also be in the front rank

Fertilizer spreader by Gamberini, the quality of Plasticone

Gamberini is arriving in Bologna for EIMA International with a new double disc fertilizer spreader which brings together all the traditional strong points in the ranges built by the manufacturer in Funo di Argelato at work in the sector for...

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