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Maschio Gaspardo: wide range on display in Paris

The Veneto manufacturer is arriving in Paris with all their leading products. Coming up for preview showcasing are the Tsunami sprayer, the Primo fertilizer spreader and the Camilla and Katia hedge and verge mowers. Other models presented at EIMA International will also be in the front rank

by Fabrizio Sereni
January/February 2015 | Back

The Veneto manufacturer is heading for SIMA in Paris with a full range and a special focus on the world premieres of machinery, starting with the Primo, the first electronic  fertilizer spreader with electronic control of weight for dosing. This new spreader is equipped with independent management of activation, delivery and regulation of dosing by electric scale. The possibility of varying the fertilizer ration to be applied allows a more effective distribution with the same amount of product used. The double shutter opening section was designed to limit dosage, that is lessen uniformity of distribution varying the amount of kg/min of the fertilizer spread. Thanks to distribution by the double shutter and electronic dosing managed by the load cell, the fertilizer is distributed evenly over the entire work area. The Primo, available in eight versions equipped with two distribution discs for spreading widths from 24 m to 36 m, ensures great autonomy in operations. The hopper, supplied with three levels of sidewall gates, has a capacity which can be varied from 1,270 kg up to 3,200 kg and provides maximum precision for distribution operations. The Primo models are also equipped with a vibration rotor, for the distribution discs for the movement of the fertilizer and protecting against harmful vibrations, and border panels for optimum distribution in work near headlands and waterways. Up for mention as well are a zero maintenance gear box self-lubricated by grease and the use of highly resistance materials to guarantee reliability over time.

In the sector of sprayers the new Tsunami will be under the spotlight for debut. This sprayer from Unigreen, a company in the Maschio Gaspardo Group specialized in this sector, is built with the great advantage of scale – 3.95 m in height, 8.75 m in length, a tank capacity of 5,200 liters and bars for a work width of 42 meters. The Tsunami also features great agility, thanks to a turning radius of only 3.75 meters, and stability ensured by independent pneumatic suspension and an innovative frame equipped with torsion joints. The sprayer is also built with an ATS automation system, new configuration coupling between the engine and a system for eliminating emission pollution designed by Maschio Gaspardo and given FTP approval.

Camilla and Katia are the hedge and verge cutters designed for the requirements of contractors and professionals in road maintenance. The special construction of these machines includes a parallelogram structure on the first arm which opens both sections with a single hydraulic control which means that the cutting head can be kept parallel and shifted laterally at constant height when the arm is opened for uniform mowing and faster work. The hardened bushings in the area taking the greatest stress and the treated zinc-coated hinge ensure a longer operating life for the machines which are also equipped with an hydraulic plant with an extremely silent motor and a heat exchanger capable of cooling the oil even during sustained demanding work. To avoid any damage caused by impact with obstacles the arm of both models has a tilting double safety system. For smaller impacts an hydro-pneumatic nitrogen accumulator works as a dampener and brings the head back to operating position automatically. In case of a stronger blow, a max-load valve drops off the oil from the tilting cylinder and the arm can swing back to overcome the obstacle.

The Camilla stands apart for great versatility at work. The special design with hydraulic adjustment of the first arm height allows this model to easily perform a wide range of operations: from cutting the grass on the side of a road, pruning a tree line or mulching a river bank.

The Katia linkage of the second arm allows the cutting head to shift frontwards or backwards. A pantograph system keeps the cutting head always perfectly aligned to the working direction making this model ideal for cleaning up roadside grass, the maintenance of of river banks and ditches and cutting brush and a tree line. The special design of the Katia arm makes it possible to locate the head in an advanced position very close to the tractor cab to make the machine very compact at work. Also arriving in Paris are the Maschio Gaspardo Unico, Extreme 365 and Talpa models given coverage in the special Mondo Macchina/Machinery World EIMA International 2014 number.  



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