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Reduced consumption with Rotomec's Turbo Hop spreader

by Fabrizio Sereni
May - June 2015 | Back


The Turbo Hop pendular spreader is a highly valued achievement for Rotomec, the manufacturer of the multi-purpose machine suitable for the distribution of fertilizer in granules or powdered as well as with humidity levels of up for 30% and for spreading exclusively on areas selected by the operator to rationalize the consumption of the product. The Turbo Hop is equipped with a standard spreading spout for a swath spread of 5/6 meters of powdered products or 12/14 meters for granular fertilizers. According to requirements, the operator can orient the spout 90° to the right or left to spread in a single direction or remove the spout end for the distribution of the product to both sides of the machine. Another strong point for Rotomec’s pendular spreader is the use of such high quality materials as polyethylene for the hopper, stainless steel for all the components which come into contact with the fertilizer, the dosage disc for example, and hardened cast steel for the agitator. The Turbo Hop is designed for tractors up to 60 Hp, PTO 540 rpm and 3 point hitch category 1° o 2°. The spreader is marketed with a wide range of accessories which include a supplementary agitator for improving the distribution of powdered materials or with high humidity and a short spreading spout for optimizing various operations. The Veneto manufacturer produces two versions for this line of spreaders, the 301 with hopper capacity from 250 to 350 liters and the more robust 303 with capacities from 583 up to 927 liters. 

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