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CPT60 fertiliser spreader trolley, performance and versatility

by Fabrizio Sereni
February 2024 | Back

The Venetian manufacturer DCM Spreaders - the headquarters are in Roncà in the province of Verona - expands the range of fertiliser spreader trolleys with the versatile CPT60 model, designed to work on larger surfaces. The latest addition to DCM Spreaders, a high-capacity tool, is in fact equipped with three-point attachments adjustable in height and width, which allow the operator to combine it with any brand of fertiliser spreader, and is equipped with a suspension system balanced, which better distributes the pressure of the machine on the ground and improves its stability. The solution adopted by the Veronese company also has another important advantage since, in addition to improving regularity and precision of spreading, it increases the resistance of the trolley to stresses caused by bumps or potholes and therefore prevents possible failures due to mechanical stress. The CPT60 model is offered in two different versions, both with a 1.8 meter track and with approval up to 30 quintals. One in a fixed configuration, CPT60F, with 4 non-steering wheels, and one - CPT60S - with self-steering rear wheels, which proves to be very effective in avoiding dragging on the ground during manoeuvres at the end and beginning of the field. To facilitate manoeuvres and optimize road travel at higher speeds, theuser can hydraulically lock the rear axle by disengaging the self-steering function. CPT60 is offered as standard with ladder and inspection platform, while LED lights are only available on approved vehicles. The use of the fertiliser spreader with the trolley - explains the manufacturer in a note - allows you to use less powerful and heavy tractors, obtaining significant fuel savings and a much smoother and more relaxing ride both for spreading work and for travel.


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