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ADT, smart technology for DCM fertiliser spreaders

by Giacomo Di Paola
November 2023 | Back

To ensure a correct distribution at particularly low doses, speeds and working widths – as in the case of operations in the vineyards – the Verona-based company DCM (headquartered in Roncà), has equipped its professional S-series fertiliser spreaders with the ADT system, Adaptive Dosing Technology. This technology, patented by the same manufacturer, offers the possibility of spreading the product not just on a single dosing curve, but on multiple "shutters" that allow you to choose between microdoses, standard doses and high doses. The choice of the most appropriate dose - as explained in a DCM note - depends on a combination of factors such as the working parameters and the physical characteristics of the fertiliser. By crossing the data relating to these parameters, the ADT App will elaborate the best possible working curve for a specific plot and for the particular type of product being used. ADT technology – as also stated in the manufacturer's note - makes the work of the fertiliser spreader much more precise and improves its reactivity during the operational phase: even in the presence of small variations in speed, the machine will always reach the desired target, avoiding under and over dosages, and making processing as sustainable as possible. The ADT system will soon also be introduced on models of the M Line, characterised by wider working widths, where it is particularly efficient with products with reduced grain size and for low dosage processing.


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