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CPT60 fertiliser spreader trolley, performance and versatility

The Venetian manufacturer DCM Spreaders - the headquarters are in Roncà in the province of Verona - expands the range of fertiliser spreader trolleys with the versatile CPT60 model, designed to work on larger surfaces. The latest addition to DCM...

Centrifugal fertilizer spreaders

To distribute chemical and mineral fertilizers, disk fertilizer spreaders are the most widely used machinery since they provide a high working capacity and great overall compactness. In the last 20 years, technological evolution has come a long way, and manufacturers are now offering equipment that can adapt the distribution to the most varied operating conditions

Agrimix smart fertilization

The Saving System, patented by Agrimix based in Fossano (Cuneo), is an innovative electronic control technology designed to distribute fertilizer in a selective and localized way. Saving System consists of an operating unit, which can be managed by the operator...

4.0 technology for the David/Compact Fruit spreader

A 4.0 spreader that can operate with a wide range of products. Mineral or organic-pelleted fertilizers for the organic sector, powder fertilizers, and seeds. It has been designed and manufactured by Eurospand-Cavallo, a company based in Boves, Cuneo. This is...

SPW: spreader for heavy-duty operations

A machine designed to optimize the fertilizer distribution and work with different types of products, from granular (small, medium, or large size) to pelleted.  This is the SPW double-disc fertilizer spreader line, manufactured by Gamberini from Funo from Argelato (Bologna)...

AXIS, independent weighing system from Kuhn

Its name is AXIS, and it's the cutting edge of the Kuhn range in the fertilizer spreader segment. The French manufacturer offers four models with a spreading width ranging from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 50 meters...

Primo EW Isotronic: electronic control of the distribution

The Primo EW Isotronic by Maschio Gaspardo is a double-disc fertilizer spreader with electronic control of the continuous distribution (DPAE) and loading cell. Equipped with a rotovibrating agitator mounted on bearings to prevent product breakage during spreading, which conveys the...

Poly-Hop, a spreader for high performance

In the spreader sector, the Veronese company Rotomec (headquartered in Nogara), which specializes in the design and manufacture of technologies for working the soil as well as garden solutions, launches a machine specifically designed for spreading corrosive products. We are...

Advanced distribution for centrifugal fertilizer spreaders

In addition to an excellent control of distribution with traditional solutions, the new technologies related to fertilizer spreaders allow a profitable application even adopting the Variable Rate Tecnique, one of the cornerstones of precision agriculture. On the best models, different ways to control the distributed dose are available

Variable rate fertilizer spreaders

The goal set by the manufacturing industry is not merely the uniform distribution of fertilizer but providing it where it is actually needed and in quantities which are strictly necessary. There are now on the market systems capable of detecting in real time the real requirements of the soil

Kubota spreader for precision farming

The Kubota DSM-W GEOspread is a weighing spreader series with capacities from 1100 to 2450 liters designed for small and medium-size farms ready for new generation technologies capable of ensuring precision treatments and lowering the consumption of fertilizer. On the...

Effective and agile, the "organic" manure spreaders by Fratelli Annovi

With the development of organic vineyards, in which the addition of organic material of animal origin is essential to preserve and increase the fertility and biological activity of the soil, the demand has increased for manure spreaders of limited size...

Reduced consumption with Rotomec's Turbo Hop spreader

  The Turbo Hop pendular spreader is a highly valued achievement for Rotomec, the manufacturer of the multi-purpose machine suitable for the distribution of fertilizer in granules or powdered as well as with humidity levels of up for 30% and...

John Deere round baler for big, medium and small spreads

On the eve of Fieragricola John Deere reported the launch of two new fixed chamber balers F440E and F450E built to extend the U.S. manufacturer's 400 series, a wide baler range developed for meeting the requirements of small and...

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