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Primo EW Isotronic: electronic control of the distribution

by Fabrizio Sereni
March - April 2021 | Back

The Primo EW Isotronic by Maschio Gaspardo is a double-disc fertilizer spreader with electronic control of the continuous distribution (DPAE) and loading cell. Equipped with a rotovibrating agitator mounted on bearings to prevent product breakage during spreading, which conveys the fertiliser to the adjustable drop point on the disc, the Maschio Gaspardo fertiliser spreader's strong point is the integration of the continuous weighing cell with the ISOBUS communication protocol.

Thanks to this technology, which guarantees particularly precise and high quality treatments, the operator can process very detailed distribution models, such as variable rate fertilizer distribution (VR), to improve the quantity of fertilizer in the field based on a prescription map, and 4+4 section control (SC), to optimize spreading and avoid overlapping.

Still on the subject of precision, the winning feature of the Maschio Gaspardo spreader is the use of 2 shutters for each exit cone: the simultaneous and combined operation of the two shutters is very useful, especially at the headland.

When manoeuvring at the headland - the manufacturer explains in a note - the ON/OFF shutter is closed, the metering shutter (located below the first one) continues to move in proportion to the speed of the tractor, so that when spreading activity resumes (ON/OFF shutter reopening) it will be in the right position, thus avoiding over- or under- metering zones.

The drop hole has a three-lobe shape designed for even distribution of the product even with very low application rates; the user can anticipate or postpone the point at which the fertiliser falls into the disc manually or electrically (on versions with SC Pro) directly from the tractor cab to obtain uniformity of spreading, depending on the conditions of use.

Primo EW Isotronic has a spreading width of 12 to 36 metres. To vary it - as the manufacturer points out - it is not necessary to adjust the disc blades but simply change the spreading discs (using a patented quick-release system). There are two available: one for widths from 12 to 21 metres, and one from 21 to 36 metres.

Also standard are an accelerometer, which allows the operator to work with the highest quality and distribution precision even in hilly areas, and the electronic weighing system that allows the farmer to view the amount of fertiliser in the hopper in real time, automatically modifying the amount of product to be spread according to the dosage required.

Finally, the hopper has a fixed part and stackable risers that can be stacked as required, with a starting level of 1,270 litres that can be increased up to a maximum of 3,210 litres, to meet all possible fertilisation needs.


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