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The many variants of the "utility" range

Most of the power band of the tractors known as "wildcard" or "utility", is around 75 kW. They are means designed to offer maximum operating versatility, and to be able to adapt to the most different working situations. These tractors offer a broad range of variability in terms of possible configurations, both for the driving position, as for the engines, the transmissions, and the hydraulic systems, as well as for the axles and the braking systems

Shredders and milling machines, technology for forests

Designed to carry out operations of arrangement and maintenance of the wooded areas, the shredders and milling machinery represent a particularly interesting segment in the field of agricultural mechanics. The difference between a forest shredder and a forest milling machinery is that, while the former is used for shredding trees, bushes, cutting waste and piles of branches, with the latter it is also possible deeply mill and crush roots and stumps

Variable rate fertilizer spreaders

The goal set by the manufacturing industry is not merely the uniform distribution of fertilizer but providing it where it is actually needed and in quantities which are strictly necessary. There are now on the market systems capable of detecting in real time the real requirements of the soil

Seeders and transplanters with electronic control of distribution

The greatest versatility and excellent precision for planting seeds and transplanting is no longer achieved with mechanical operations but with the use of electronics

Harrows, a big family

Working with free wheeling components or those powered by the tractor PTO harrows operate to pulverize the soil on rough terrain to prepare the best bed for a successive seeding. For always producing the optimum results there are a large number of differentiated types available on the market. To cite among the features likely to come up for further development are the quality of materials for their
Components Special

Farm tractor safety devices and brake plants

The components sector is able to offer numerous devices, from ROPS to ergonomics and brake plants for the safety of drivers. Especially for brakes, technologies have been developed to keep step with the performance of machines as regards speed and work capabilities

Tractor implement couplings, a safety issue

The high number of accidents due to careless maneuvers around cardan shafts transmitting the power of the tractor to implements. Special attention must be given to maintenance, the mechanical parts and the protection devices produced specifically by the manufacturing industries. Careful attention must also be directed to towing

The bulldozer at work in agriculture

A dozer can turn out to be an efficient machine in difficult work conditions which stretch a tractor to its limits. The dozer is marketed today with various configurations and differing technological solutions to guarantee high performance in all operating conditions to make even the most demanding terrains production

New technologies for open field ploughing

At first glance, the classic mouldboard plough looks like a very simple instrument whereas it is actually one of the implements which has benefited from most innovations over time to reach the point of being designed by modeling software to become a highly sophisticated tool

Articulated isodiametric tractors: small but powerful

A recent survey found Angers, Nantes and Limoges the three French cities with the most greenery as well as those dedicating the greatest resources for this purpose. In Italy, in the wake of positive results achieved abroad and shrinking financing due to the financial and economic crisis, differentiated maintenance is spreading in a number of municipalities. This means the adoption of a level of maintenance performed according to the type and function of the green area, the intensity of the use of the area and its location. A wide range of technologies are deployed, from mowers to leaf blowers

Wood chippers: a necessary technology for forestry economy

In logging and in areas where clearcutting is carried out it is now necessary to leave a clean area behind after this work has been performed. The most convenient method is to chip or reduce the logs felled. The chips produced can be used as fuel, for the production of chipboard panels or compost. Manufacturing industries now market a wide range of wood chippers suitable for the requirements of various work operations

Slope Coping: Tracks vs. Wheels

One example of Italian engineering excellence is the narrow tractors with same-diameter wheels increasingly used as an effective alternative to tracked models adopted where the slopes get steep. Mixed tracked/wheeled models are the latest development

Stones - Smashed, Crushed, Pulverised

Stone breakers and pulverisers are an important addition to the farming armoury when the land is strewn with boulders and rock outcrops, but they also eat up the energy

Future Farming? The Electric Tractor

Electrically powered tractors and other vehicles, small and large, are one of farming's new frontiers from wagons for fruit to small robots for park and orchard/vineyard maintenance with the aim to make farms self-sufficient for their energy

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